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Connecticut is heating up on the tyranny front. It is not full blown confiscation... YET. The state is in possession of registration applications that came in after the Jan. deadline. Those late registrations are now the equivalent of notarized confessions of people in possession of unconstitutionally outlawed firearms and magazines. There are also 100's of thousands of CT gun owners (estimated) that did not register at all.

The first victims of tyranny are those who tried to comply, but fail to jump through all of the hoops in the time allotted. The state has issued an ultimatum to those who they have signed "confessions" from, as well as giving all CT gun owners who did not comply, a "second chance" to register. The stage is being set to issue warrants for those with the late registrations in order to hopefully justify it to the law enforcement officers who will risk their lives to serve those warrants. When it goes bad, and it WILL go bad, they will use that crisis like they use all tragic events. To escalate their efforts and justify further unconstitutional infringements.

We at Cold Dead Hands stand with the Connecticut patriots who will not comply with tyranny. We stand with those who attempted to maintain their law-abiding status by registering as well. We support the citizens of the People's Republic of Connecticut because they are the victims here, victims of tyranny that they did not expect when they elected their representatives. We also stand with the law enforcement officers of CT who find themselves on the front lines of a potential revolution/civil war that they did not bring about. It's easy to say that they should uphold their oath, but in doing so, many will lose their jobs, potentially face jail time and possibly even harm coming to their families. That being said, support for the LEO's only goes so far. When they kick-in  that first door as the enforcement arm of tyranny, they become the enemy of all free men and women. We can only hope that CT law enforcement has the same sense of duty to country and their fellow man that our founders had when they mutually pledged to each other their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in the birthing of this great nation. Or at the very least a pandemic outbreak of "Blue Flu".

While we are still in the "sabre rattling" stage of ultimatums and deadlines, let us pray that cooler heads prevail and that WE as a people can come together in support of our CT brethren. Let our voices join as one in condemnation of the abuses and tyranny displayed by the Governor and Legislature in Connecticut against our countrymen. Let our voices ring out with the dire warning to ALL of our PUBLIC SERVANTS, saying that this path they have chosen will end in the tree of liberty being refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants if they continue down this road. We The People are the POWER that makes this nation great. Let us wield that power judiciously now to alter this course of action in Connecticut and get this nation back on course for Liberty nationwide.
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