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A Conversation with TJ Fabby

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TJ Fabby has thrown his hat into the ring of politics in the state of Texas as a candidate for Representative in House District 10. I had the opportunity to interview him, but this is not your typical Q & A, my goal was to attempt to get to know the man, as well as his policies. We all know that political campaigns are a long string of canned answers to questions and political talking points, so I conducted this interview a little differently. I didn’t go into this with a prepared set of questions, we just talked and talked and talked. After an hour and a half, we finally wrapped it up with plans to talk again once he got settled into his new office in Austin, because that is where this man belongs.

TJ Fabby is Texan through and through, he loves the state, the people and the independent spirit that is Texas. His love of that independence showed in all of the topics we discussed from taxes, to federal regulation to Constitutional Carry in Texas. His focus is squarely on individual sovereignty and state sovereignty. He believes they are the fundamental foundation from which regain control of the out of control leviathan that is the federal government. One proposal that illustrates this is to replace the state property tax with a consumption tax (sales tax) and we discussed at length the pros and cons. I must say that he stated his case very effectively in that the consumption tax would allow people to actually OWN their property without risk of losing it to the state for failure to pay the taxes, true property ownership.

Keeping Texas Red

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One of the supporters of Cold Dead Hands, is also involved in an important Texas House Rep election, and would like to share some insight as well as advice on how to help elect candidates that will help restore our Constitution to power, as well as share what is at stake in the race they are involved in. While this is geared for Texas, it is advice that can easily be applied to any of our state and national elections. Its time for all Patriots to get armed and get in the fight. For a more in-depth advice article on how to get yourself involved in election races, please read “Stand and Be Heard!

The Fear of The Left

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I’ve known this for a long time but have never been reminded at a time when I was motivated and had the spare time to sit down and type out my thoughts. After driving an hour to be 30 minutes early to pick my wife up from work, it seems that the perfect storm is finally upon us.

What really burns me up about the people that are trying to steal our guns and bypass our rights, is that they have no moral reasoning in their fights. They will take people’s emotions and use them as political leverage to strike fear, anger, and pain into every heart they can, in order to convince others that their proposal will make the fear and pain go away. There are some that will shout, “Then we should fight fire with fire!”; but I am not among them. Those tactics will leave us with scorched earth, hurt people, and more cleaning-up to do after the emotional bloodbath subsides.

Gun Control = Child Abuse

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During a conversation last week the subject of kids and guns came up, surprising I know. This is not a new topic for me by any means, but I did hit upon a new perspective on the subject. Gun Control, Gun Restriction, Gun Regulation and Gun Free Zones are all forms of child abuse. Every regulations, restriction and gun control law that gets put on the books adds another phantom brick to a growing FALSE sense of security. Every gun control measure passed makes it easier for lackadaisical parents to justify NOT teaching their kids firearm safety. Governmental obsession with gun control has already removed firearms safety education from public schools for the most part. So, how is all of this child abuse?

Parenting in a Hostile Society

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There has been a lot going on lately that has drawn my attention to raising kids in what has become an ever-increasingly hostile society. I posted recently on my Facebook page, Jon Britton aka Doubletap, some positive things that could be taken from the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case that got a lot of feedback. It was aimed at raising kids in this society and what lessons can be learned from the life and death of Trayvon Martin. Unfortunately most of those who commented on it simply wanted to retry the case rather than discuss lessons learned and society’s impact. Kids have been a focal point in the ongoing gun debate as well. Cold Dead Hands started Team CDH to bring attention to proper firearms training for kids, to present some good role models for kids and to help these junior shooters to achieve their full potential through sponsorship. Working with these junior shooters has made it very clear what role good parenting plays in producing such awesome kids.

Caught in the cross-hairs of duplicity…

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I have had just about enough of Piers Morgan and his asinine rants about the level of violence in our country.  He spews his lies to anyone gullible enough to listen and it seems he has quite the audience (seemingly half the population), because he’s still on the air doing what he does best… stirring up controversy. The man is a bald face liar, citing statistics about his beloved homeland while trying to place his country on the same level as our own.  It’s like comparing apples to oranges.  There is no comparison between the two, none… nada.  Our country is the land of the free, home of the brave while his is one that lives in the shadow of a monarchy.  Ours enjoys freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the privilege, ability and right to bear arms.  England may have less gun violence per capita, but it’s simply because they’ve been disarmed and ruled over by the very same government we beat down and took our independence from.