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Where Will You Be Finding, Drawing and Shooting a Criminal? Round Back?

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By W. Hock Hochheim
Originally published at ForceNecessaryTV Reprinted by permission from


 And there you have it. The above picture of the perfect crime. The masked attacker. The huddling wife and blond, innocent child. Protected by the middle-aged, middle-American, pulling his pistola to stop the classic masked attacker ““ an armed robber we automatically presume? Oh, and the dumpsters. Yes, yes, the dumpsters, which subliminally tell us that average Mr. and Mrs. Middle America and said fair, blond child had, by some mistake, traveled- “round back.” 

     You know, “round back!” You know where that is – round back of the store, “round back” the mall, “round back” of something that they shouldn’t be “round back” of, near “dumpster world.” The world where the masked thugs and drug addicts and serial killers are sitting in waiting. No one should venture “round back, “ but yet, gosh, there they were. (I will publish this picture and no doubt get some responses proclaiming that this couple made the mistake of passing by the “round-back, dumpster-world.”) Being at the wrong place at the wrong time is a great “˜throw-down” line, but a very vague, golden rule. Wrong place. Where exactly is that? 

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Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right, But Three Lefts Do.

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Evil is a reality, a very clever and manipulative reality. Always check your facts!

This is a hard piece to write. It is hard to admit when you were wrong, but it is necessary to maintain your credibility. Recently a story broke that many of you may have heard, if not I’ll break it down for you in a nutshell. A gentleman was enjoying his meal at a little family owned restaurant in Decatur, Illinois when he was approached and asked to turn his shirt inside out because the rifle depicted on the back was upsetting some of the other customers. The shirt in question was the “Freedom Delivery System” shirt designed by us at Cold Dead Hands. The gentleman politely refused the request, finished his meal, paid his bill and left. The story was picked up by other pro gun rights groups and eventually brought to our attention, since it involved one of our shirts. Regrettably, we shared the story with our nearly 3/4 million fans before doing our due diligence. Those who are familiar with the story know this part, but now (as Paul Harvey used to say) The Rest Of The Story.

Can You Hear Me Now? No More Warrantless Searches Of Cell Phones

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By Steven M Denny, Attorney at Law

A right is something that you take for granted until you need it. People are often surprised when they enter my office to discuss the details of the case the government has brought against them. Clients say “they never read me my rights.” They say “they just kicked the door in without saying who they were.” They say “they put me in a squad car after I refused the search and asked my angry ex-girlfriend if they could search my apartment.” Without fail, every client who asks one of those questions asks this next question:


Unfortunately, the answer is more often than not, “yes.”

Your rights are eroding right under your feet. I wager that most of the people who take the time to read this are not accused of a crime. I suspect many of you have acted as jurors in criminal cases and have seen law enforcement tactics that you knew were questionable but let them get away with it because the defendant “was a really bad guy.” Pay attention, because before long, all the “really bad guys” will be locked up and in comparison, you and I will be the really bad guys because we demand our rights which unfortunately will no longer be there.

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Stop the hate – Educate!

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Stop The Hate. Educate

As an outspoken advocate for liberty and Constitutionally protected rights, the 2nd Amendment in particular, I hear all the anti-gun/gun control arguments on a daily basis. It is sad that most of the arguments against guns and gun rights are easily rebutted, but are seldom heard. Those driven to ban guns, restrict ownership or impose the infamous “common sense regulations” are driven by two basic things, fear and hate.

The fear that drives many opponents to gun rights is born of ignorance. Let me stop here and define “ignorance” so that people don’t misread this as a slur. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge or information. Those who do not have any first-hand knowledge regarding firearms tend to fear them. When you couple that lack of knowledge with the smorgasbord of MIS-information that permeates the media, it is no wonder that people fear firearms. Unfortunately, that fear often turns to hate and that is when things get ugly. Law-abiding gun owners are routinely demonized, simply because they own a product/tool that is both completely legal to own and specifically protected under the Bill Of Rights of the Constitution. Those facts are lost on people consumed by fear and hate.

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Moral Equivalence: Propaganda tool of the shallow and weak-minded.

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Really? Have we really become this shallow and superficial?Moral Equivalence: a term used in political debate, usually to criticize any denial that a moral hierarchy can be assessed of two sides in a conflict, or in the actions or tactics of two sides.


I saw this posted on another page and the implied moral equivalence disgusted me. The implication is that there is no difference between these two women,

  • A: An armed American free citizen willing to DEFEND life, liberty and even the religious freedom for those religions different than their own…; and
  • B: A religious extremists willing to KILL in order to establish the dominance of their religion and to subjugate the masses under its religious law.

To some, far too many I’m afraid, there is no difference that they can see. All they see is what is on the surface; a Gun, a Flag and a Religion. However, to anyone with working brain cells capable of more substantial critical thinking, the two could not be more different, even diametrically opposed. The shallow, asinine question “Is this how we want to be seen?” illustrates the very superficiality they operate under. Their entire thought process never ventures beyond what it “looks” like or how it makes them “feel”.

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Dependence Day: The other 364 days of the year.

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There will be a multitude of politicians giving flowery speeches about American Independence who will be diligently working the rest of the year to grow the welfare roles, to pass legislation that gives them more control over We The People and bashing those of us who truly believe in the principles and values that America's Independence was based upon.

It’s the night before the 4th of July, my holiday weekend plans are set and here I sit, just a few hours sleep and a wake up away from the festivities. In this late hour, winding down from the hustle and bustle of the day, it hits me that Independence Day has lost a lot meaning over the last several decades. Now don’t get me wrong, this holiday is very near and dear to me, it has not lost it’s meaning WITH ME.

When I say it has lost it’s meaning I am talking about to the nation as a whole. There will be millions of people celebrating Independence Day while their daily lives are almost entirely DEPENDENT upon the largesse of the Federal and State governments. There are people who will be celebrating Independence Day while believing that the our forefathers who won our independence were nothing more than rich, white racist slave owners. There will be a multitude of politicians giving flowery speeches about American Independence who will be diligently working the rest of the year to grow the welfare roles, to pass legislation that gives them more control over We The People and bashing those of us who truly believe in the principles and values that America’s Independence was based upon.