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Gun Control: The Real War on Women

In Conservatism by Patrick JamesLeave a Comment

Apparently, the gun control advocates, Moms Demand Action, Bloomberg, and Gabby Giffords’ husband, and all their progeny, are tired of the emotional manipulation of saying, “Think of the children!” Their new strategy is telling us, “Think of the women!”

Read the statements, dripping with hypocritical misinformation, now being slathered into the mouths of mainstream media about how “preventing gun violence” (aka, GUN CONTROL) is necessary to protect women. It portrays the image that domestic violence is not only implemented by guns, but probably caused by the evil mind-bending influence of guns. (Some off them think violent abusers would probably have been sweet and kind had they never bought that evil pistol.) Oh, if only we had “sensible” gun laws, women would be protected from abuse!

They utterly ignore the fact that the law and law enforcement have almost no way to protect people from violent domestic abusers or stalkers and that a having a gun, with the training to use it, is the best possible protection a woman could have. Attackers can inflict their violence no matter what the gun laws; whether the abusers use other implements of violence, or get illegal guns. The silver lining in this latest chapter of their assault on our rights is that it shines a clear light on a hidden truth of their gun control. That it is, in many aspects, hideously anti-woman.