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    Some of these people may enter the race during the 11th hour and offer the reason they entered as “Now is a good time to have a conversation.” I have to vehemently disagree with that. The time to have conversations is 2 years prior to the election, when we can study and reflect on what has and has not worked for the best interests of our country. What has not worked? Everything the democrats have attempted. What has worked? Obstructing everything the left has thrown at us. Lets move from obstructing, to constructing of our own and install what we know works, and that is the principles and values that our Founding Fathers stood on when they crafted our government in the first place.

    While I think most of the people on this list are in it for the money, a strong argument can be made that some are in the presidential race, not to win, but to spoil or upset the chances of having a Constitutional Conservative in office. Maybe to get one of their cronies in, or maybe to help democrats maintain the death grip they have over our country. After all, why would someone honestly try to run if they knew prior to running that they could not win and were running against others who were more qualified?

Mitt Romney: represents everything the left hates in a rich corrupt capitalist, represents everything the Right hates in a fairweather moderate politician that will say anything voters want to hear. 2012 proved that head to head, Romney was the last person anyone would have picked. And with backroom deal making help from Ron Paul, that was the only way he got nominated. Everyone else dropped out. The gut shot came when his family announced after losing that, “Dad didnt want to be president anyway.” So why did you run then unless it was to add confusion and sell your own product? Was it to intentionally cause the GOP to lose and ensure victory for obamao?

Rick Santorum: Talks big about his conservative credentials, but never backs them up. When he was in office, he was in the middle of all the establishment insider politics that has stained the GOP. His votes helped ensure the biggest successes for liberal agendas, from appointing liberal judges to opposing welfare reforms. Small wonder he was voted out of office, and smaller wonder why he won’t go away.


Newt Gingrich: If rino establishment needed a poster boy, it would be newt. After a long and storied history of working in congress with other rinos, such as santorum, to stay on the couch with liberals and pass bills against our Republic. There is no way I could sum up all of his sins against our Country in just one paragraph, or even one article. I will just point out a few things that showed what he is made of: Being a paid lobbyist for Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, running left of john kerry in a global warming “lincoln douglas” debate, and this statement concerning our Republic, “For this wisdom above all, we thank Mr. Jefferson, who helped create the system that served us so well for so long and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.” Interested in hearing newt tell you how brilliant he is? His speaking fees start at $25k and average $60, unless you are overseas and then its $100K

Sarah Palin: As governor, Sarah had a chance to prove what she was made of, and I would argue she did with the few actions she made in the half term she served before retreating from the crap storm she brought on herself. With a stroke of her pen the oil boom and jobs market that had put Alaska to the top of the oil market for America, came crashing down under the socialistic ACES bill that increased taxes on oil companies over 300% and appointed a planned parenthood board member as judge. During the 2012 primaries when she had a chance to prove what she was made of, she instead spent her time two stepping with Karl Rove playing the “will she, won’t she” presidential tease while playing a hand attacking a Constitutional Conservative, and finally topping it off by giving a token effort in endorsing Newt. Since that time she has continued to show her true colors by endorsing and defending McCain against being voted out by a Tea Party challenger, and being censured by the Arizona GOP. Of course, considering the close ties McCain has with establishment cronies such as Newt and Santorum” is all that really shocking?

Michelle Bachman: Michelle was a ticking bomb waiting to explode all over the GOP as the perfect picture of what everyone on the left loves to loath. A pandering hypocrite with no virtues and only skeletons ready to come out of her closet. Her biggest claim to fame is having raised 23 children… in the seven year period the state gave her a license to foster. All that was needed to send the GOP into a destructive tailspin is for people to uncover her “christian counseling clinic” to brand the GOP as the homophobic bigots they have been accused of being for years. Luckily any momentum she may have been building to establish her conservative credentials came to a crashing halt the minute she went full retard at Governor Rick Perry over gardasil. Luckily for us all it seems Bachman’s career is over as ethics violations have forced her to retire her position and not seek re-election.


Herman Cain: I honestly believe no one was more surprised by the success and popularity Herman Cain had running, than he was himself. It was pretty obvious the main purpose he had from campaigning was to sell his book and work on product recognition, since there was little if any thought into any of the issues that a President would have to deal with. Which made it that much more sad how easy it was for him to sell people on supporting him. The Left gave a pretty convincing argument that his famed 999 plan, that became the end all be all one size answer for everything that the 10th amendment couldn’t cover, was actually a product of the video game SIMS. What was painfully obvious to anyone watching is the fact that Cain is constitutionally illiterate, and doesn’t have any understanding or respect for the 2nd amendment, or the 4th. The best case made for how serious he was about running is from watching his own campaign commercial and having cain’s campaign manager blow smoke in your face. If you are interested in having Cain show up to have a conversation, the starting cost for his speaking appearances go for $25k. To me herman showed exactly what he was made of when he cheaply played the race card against Rick Perry.

Ted Cruz: Other than not being a Natural Born Citizen, Ted would be a good candidate to consider based on his short performance record in Senate. However not being Constitutionally Eligible for office, and violating that, is bad enough to put him on the same level as obamao since it would taint and corrupt everything that Ted has accomplished as Senator. I would much rather see more people of the caliber that Ted has performed at in our senate.

Gary Johnson: Not even Ron Paul would endorse him in 2012. He ran for the GOP nomination, didnt get the attention he wanted, dropped out and swapped over to the libertarian party and told people to “waste their vote on him.” Well some did, guess they didn’t mind wasting their vote on a hypocritical attention whore who demonstrated he had did not have a care in the world for the fate of our nation. Gee”¦ if he was everything he preached, how come he did not endorse Ron Paul instead of taking Ron’s support away?

Jeb Bush: With credentials that any democrat would be proud of, a history of endorsing and supporting obamao and Hillary”¦. why isn’t he running for the democratic ticket? Obviously he believes GOP voters are easier for him to sell his 15 minutes of fame to.  


Jesse Ventura: Jesse should be too busy finding widows to sue and conspiracies to theorize about to run, but no doubt people will suggest him as a potential candidate.

The “Blank slate” candidate with no record: You can fill in the blank with whatever “nobody no one has heard of” here, and the argument always comes out the same. His lack of credentials is somehow supposed to be a virtue for electing them to the highest elected position in America. Nothing could be a bigger slap in the face of our Founding Fathers who believed that the BEST example of what we are, should hold such a position. People will argue that a president cant know everything and they have to rely on advisors. That is true, only to a certain point. The fact remains that advisors ADVISE and are hand picked by the President. With out a record and history to be able to judge such appointments, all you are doing is arguing the case for promoting a used car salesmen that can talk you into buying whatever he is pitching.

“The military hero”: Not as bad an idea as supporting a “blank slate” but not good enough to brag about either. Understanding the Constitution and politics is not a requirement to be a decorated servicemen. If it was, then Gabby Gifford’s husband, Mark Kelly would not have such an antagonistic view of the 2nd amendment, and McCain, or John F Kerry would have been elected. 

“Third option”: If you cant figure out which of two candidates is better, or worse than the other, adding more candidates is only going to add to your confusion. I have no doubt that during the 11th hour a candidate will appear, preaching the same siren’s songs we have heard before from Gary Johnson and other candidates that tried and failed to run on third party platforms of a watered down version of one of the other two parties, “Vote for principle, the lesser of two evils is still evil!” anything to convince the hungry masses that this is the messiah they have been waiting for! After all, he isnt the lesser evil option, right? He wont have a voting record to brag about, like Johnson, he doesn’t want you to dig that deep, instead he will want you focused on how bad everyone else is.

Lastly, anyone wearing a (D) after their name: At least a third party candidate will act like they care about our Constitution, and may make other people think and understand what those values are. All a (D) does is gather support against our constitution and try to overturn our nation to their marxist utopia of communism. Their only virtue is that they are at least out of the closet and more honest about their intentions against our country now than ever before.
Obamacare (which is not yet fully implimented, and will only make things worse as more is mandated onto us), gun legislation, amnesty for illegals are absolutely coming our way if democrats maintain control and will destroy our economy and property rights until the only “solution” for everyone at middle class and below is to socialize our nation and destroy our freedoms.

As bad as everyone else is in this list, and to me they are the worst and bottom of the barrel, I would almost rather see any of them win over a (D) because I have little doubt that if democrats win, my fictional book series, “Perdition” will become a true to life prediction of the near future.

Stay armed my friends ~ Texas Son

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