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A Hero Remembered – Chris Kyle

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Chris Kyle Day

I had long been a fan of Chris Kyle’s, not so much for his skill as a sniper, as impressive as that was, but more for his life and commitment to good causes after his military service. He was as dedicated to saving the lives of his fellow soldiers post military as he was behind the scope in the military. He was an outspoken proponent of our 2nd amendment rights, as well as the whole of our constitutional republic that he swore an oath to defend. I regret that I never had the privilege to meet the man, but like many of you I felt that I knew him pretty well through the good works and public persona that was Chris Kyle. Last year, CDH was honored to help out in the fundraising for the Chris Kyle Memorial Team Roping and Auction Event.

Shall Not Be Infringed

The current turmoil surrounding the movie and the vile and ugly comments being made absolutely infuriates me, but from all I have heard from Chris Kyle’s friends and family is that HE would have, and did, dedicate his life to defending their right to say stupid and hurtful things. That “turn the other cheek” and commitment to the American values of liberty and freedom is an all too rare trait these days. If there is anything that I would hope that Chris Kyle’s legacy would entail it is that level of commitment as an example to us all. I believe it is fitting that Chris Kyle take a place of honor among such American heroes as Audie Murphy and Sgt. York. I know that Chris Kyle has left an indelible mark on my life for the better having never even met the man. I know that everyone I have spoken to about him has been equally touched. We are all flawed human beings, but some rise above their flaws to set an example and encourage others to rise above theirs. Chris Kyle was such a man.

Chris and Taya Kyle

To his detractors, all I can say is I pity you, but haters are gonna hate. To his fans, I hope, like me, you are inspired to live your lives striving to emulate his fine example as a man, as a soldier, as a husband and father, but most of all as a damn fine American and hero. Rest In Peace Chris, Godspeed and your memory and legacy are alive and well.


Jon Britton aka DoubleTap is Chief Operating Officer of CDH, Inc., a regular contributing author and regularly involved in most aspects of their social media. “Writing was never a goal or even vaguely contemplated as a career choice, it just happened, an accidental discovery of a talent and a passion.” A passion that has taken him in many directions from explorations of the zombie subculture and zombie stories to political advocacy. Joining the U.S. Air Force right out of high school, Jon had the opportunity to experience many different parts of the world and different cultures. His post military career path, both white collar and blue collar, allowed him to work alongside both CEOs and average Joes. As a founding member Cold Dead Hands his study of human nature and writing ability found a purpose. His zombie roots provided a variety of issues from prepping to human behavior under crisis to firearms that he applies to his advocacy for gun rights. A ravenous appetite for the study of history combined with his current events political junkie addiction led to him writing an e-book Gun Sense: Past, Present and Future.

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