A Home Without Guns – My Story

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I grew up in a home without guns.  Though all my uncles and Aunts who lived on farms had them.  I knew that a gun protected a person and killed the cow you were going to eat.  I moved to South Beach Florida when I was 21.  When I was 24 I was car jacked when in Miami.  The man took me, raped me, and then drove me to pick up another person.  He said they would make money off me that night.  So when he was driving my car and picked up the other man I found my opportunity.

        When he was going left on a major street I opened the door and jumped out.  I then ran to a major chicken fast food chain and called 911. That night someone gave me a gun with a laser site on it.  I never felt safer in my life.  Please note the man had my drivers license and my address and I was scared to death he would come for me.  He was caught 2 days later. 

         I now carry every day to protect my children and myself. My 10 year old shoots a 22 and knows how to handle herself and how to respect whats she is holding.  My 5 year old sees me get my gun out of the safe every time we leave the house and he does not ask why.  Well, the first few times he did, and I told him mommy carries her gun to make sure no one can ever hurt us.

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