It’s About So Much More That Just “Open Carry” in Texas – Gun Group Will Manufacture Firearms At The State Capital

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As I said, it is about so much more than just open carry. This particular demonstration will be taking aim at federal law as well. With the help of a machine called the GHOST GUNNER they will be manufacturing firearms right there at the State Capital. This part of the planned events is what has been causing heads to explode left and right. Here is a prime example from FREAKOUTNATION.COM besides the typical character assassination and disparaging remarks, I especially like this line; “So what is this Ghost Gunner thingy? The gun requires no background check and the weapon has no serial number. I’m sure criminals will thank them for the tip.” Which they then follow with a video of what it is and what it does. Of course a simple search on YouTube will reveal HUNDREDS of how to videos for criminals to get tips on completing an 80% lower receiver, which is what they’ll actually be doing and not manufacturing a complete firearm. Just the part of it that the ATFBE classifies as a “firearm”. In my conversation with Jason Orsek, CATI founder and event organizer, he expressed his amazement at the fact that there will be people there with actual loaded and fully operational firearms as part of the open carry event, but drilling holes in pieces of metal to make part of a firearm has people in full freak out mode. Mind you, this is all completely legal even under current gun control regulations. People have been buying and completing their own unregistered, un-serialized lower receivers for years. The only time a lower receiver has to have a serial number is when it is being produced by a company or individual gun smith for sale in a condition that is more than 80% complete.

So, why push the envelope so far beyond their mission to get open carry of handguns in Texas? I asked that and the answer is quit simple, it’s about gun rights, period. There are those that talk the talk and those that walk the walk. The NRA was founded in 1871, long before the first gun control legislation ever saw the light of day. They have been the leader in the gun rights debate for as long as anyone can remember and what have we gotten for all that advocacy and talk? What it boils down to is this, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of gun control laws on the books across the United States and NONE of them have been shown to make any appreciable difference in crime, violence or safety in any way measurable. Some estimate the total number of gun laws on the books as high as 20,000 and some as low as 300 “major state and federal laws”. However, there is ONE law that should preempt them all and that is the 2nd Amendment of the Constitutional Bill of Rights. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Just as my Open Letter to Governor-Elect Greg Abbott pointed out the arbitrary and capricious regulations already in place to get a Concealed Carry license, this demonstration illustrates the absurdity of federal law in its attempt to regulate the manufacture of firearms. This is what happens when you try to chip away at people’s rights over time, you end up with asinine and often contradictory laws that are so complex and disjointed that there is always some way around it. In this case, Come And Take It Texas will retain half ownership of the Ghost Gunner machine and sell stock certificates for the other half of the machine. Anyone who wants to complete their AR 80% lower will be a part owner of the machine and can thereby legally use it for the completion of their lower with no serial numbers, no background checks, etc. and still be in full legal compliance.

The entire open carry movement has been about bringing to light the absurdity and unconstitutionality of gun control laws. This is the latest front line in that battle to bring awareness and ultimately restore those rights that have been incrementally violated for the last 80 years or so. Texas is just one of many front lines where these battles are taking place. Citizens in other states like Connecticut, New York, Illinois and California are engaged in similar battles to either halt the advance of further gun control legislation or to roll back and repeal past unconstitutional laws. This approach may ruffle the feathers of even some of you who consider yourselves “pro-gun” people. Many gun owners and even many advocates have grown accustomed to a certain level of governmental control of firearms, though they would never openly admit it. Actions like those that will take place in Austin on the 13th will be viewed by many as “rocking the boat” or “doing more harm than good”. All I can say is, as an advocate and an observer, these Texas boys and girls are producing results. Their efforts over the last two years have resulted in a Republican Convention (Texas) resolution to make Constitutional Carry a legislative priority in 2015, as well as State Senate hearings to “Study and make recommendations on removing barriers to Second Amendment Rights.” They have resulted in pro-gun candidates winning all over the State of Texas and now the legislation is presented, the rubber is about to meet the road and Come And Texas It Texas is not about to let up off the accelerator. Rest assured, once Texas gun rights are again secured, this momentum will inevitably go national. So, for all of you who are still reading this with your head securely wrapped in duct tape, all I can say is Suck It Up Buttercup, because freedom is coming back to these United States of America!


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