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Cold Dead Hands (CDH, Inc.) – Foundation of a New Breed Of Advocacy

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We are here to protect all of our unalienable, God-given rights that have been guaranteed to us by the wisdom of our founding fathers through the United States Constitution. The best and only way to save these rights is to USE them; which is why we so strongly support our Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, as the best way to defend these rights and our homes against those who would want to take them.


Preamble: Cold Dead Hands (CDH, Inc.) is an unapologetic for-profit corporation AND an American grassroots movement with politically incorrect, yet sound Founding Father doctrine and principles, created as a new breed of advocacy that fully embraces all that is American. Free market capitalism, freedom of association and limited government are the foundational pillars that support the advocacy goals of Constitutional Carry in accordance with the 2nd Amendment, responsibility of gun owners/voters/individuals and education related to firearms, politics and society.

As a corporation, we welcome all races, genders and political affiliations who support our goals as follows:

1. To build a network of individuals and businesses, unbound by restrictions placed on non-profit corporations and lobbyist groups, dedicated to the principles upon which this nation was founded including, but not limited to, limited government that recognizes and respects the sovereignty of both the states and the individual citizen and which supports and encourages a self-regulating population.

2. Through free market business affiliation and cooperation, build a small business alliance that both supports small, entrepreneurial businesses and gives a collective voice to the alliance to rival large corporate lobbying efforts. Unified by quality products, cross promotion and solid American values and principles.

3. Through advocacy and outreach, target and grow a customer base that is also politically educated in Founder’s doctrine and actively participating in the political process. Corporate profits will support advocacy efforts creating a customer base that is free to invest their disposable income in charity, savings or other endeavors rather than being hounded for donations or membership dues.

4. In recognition of the wisdom of our Founders regarding an armed society being the best defense against tyranny, advocating for the protection of the right of the individual to “keep and bear arms” is a primary focus. National Constitutional Carry is the goal and merely resisting further infringement is no longer acceptable.

5. Second Amendment advocacy entails many tangential issues that will also be addressed. With all natural rights come necessary responsibilities, such as education and training related to firearms and firearm safety. Development of processes, policies and programs to transition from our current regulation-based, government-centric model to individual responsibility with a focus on youth firearms education as our first priority.


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