Adaptation or Extinction

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Life has a way of throwing us some rather extreme changes, deviations, to which we either learn to adapt or we simply fail.  When Darwin described the progress of evolution he proclaimed it as never-ending.  Today, as people, we must adapt in our lives to the changes around us, must overcome the many obstacles in our way, or we will simply be made extinct.

Recently I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  This came after I had turned 45, and after having already suffered a severe closed head injury at 17 years of age that had resulted in serious memory deficits (mostly short term), past seizure issues, and many other serious health issues related to the head injury over the years.  Now, I am being told I must use a wheelchair full time to avoid the falls that occur often due to failing nerve synapses in my back and legs.  But to be honest, I walk every bit while I still can!  After all this, just less than two weeks ago I learned I have suffered a recent massive myocardial infarction (heart attack) and my heart is severely damaged.  I could be facing surgery on that soon.  After twenty plus years of complaining of severe chest pains, having some tests done, and being mostly ignored…. I’m rather “ticked”, as we say in Texas, about this.

Of course, this is all leading to something firearms related! Hold on a moment.  You see, it’s all about ADAPTING! I’ve been a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Tactical Firearms Instructor, and Firearms Safety Instructor all certified and trained by the State of Texas DPS or other licensing agencies for well over twenty years.  However, due to my health as of late I have had to allow most of my Instructor certifications to expire for the first time in two decades.  Upon investigation I learned I CAN re-certify, even at the firing line on the range, from my wheelchair if needed.  I CAN adapt.

In the process of learning to change my life and lifestyle I want to write about the things I learn along the way and help others with this information.  Instruct others on how to adapt their lives in the same on how to carry and use their firearms on a daily basis along with the obstacles that present themselves to those who are “handicapped” and armed.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity offered here to do this very thing.  Any question or ideas, subject matter you might have to suggest are ALWAYS welcome for submission to me.  The issues I intend to cover will be handicapped shooting, legal/Constitutional law, and even technical issues with firearms at times.  I love to “debate” with people, but let’s stick with the facts and lay off of the emotion.  “Guns are bad and kill people” will get you simply shut out very quickly by me.  I have files of data from State to State, the FBI, Interpol, Scotland Yard, and other sources to prove otherwise.

Hope this will be a fun new “article” for all of us.  Let’s have a good time with this!  Everyone be safe out there and watch your six!


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