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It Happened There, It Can Happen Here.

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In years following the British government legislatively disarming its citizens to the convenience of criminals who, by nature and definition do not obey laws, the following occurred;

      • Homicides with firearms increased 230% throughout the United Kingdom on average2
      • The violent assault rate in Britain was, as of 2012, 800% higher than the violent assault rate in the United States (3,100 per 100,000 U.K. versus 383 per 100,000 U.S.)3

The British were learning from their choice to legislatively force-create victims in a similar manner to which the Australians would also be educated. In 1996, one year prior to Britain, Australia enacted its own form of arms deprivation to be imposed on lawful citizens. Australia as of 1996 placed an immediate ban on sale and possession of pump or semi-automatic shotguns, and all semi-automatic rifles—-essentially the epitome of the anti-gun periphery’s ultimate vision for the United States today. Australians also paid a price:

      • Violent crime increased 42.2 percent from 1996 to 2009 in Australia4
      • Sexual assaults/Rape increased 29.9 percent. The sexual assault rate of Australian women was 300% higher than American women as of 2009.
      • Robbery rose 6.2 percent
      • General assaults increased by 49.2 percent

In essence, not only had Australia’s anti-self-defense dystopian ambitions failed to achieve their purported goals, but the ban was imposed at the expense of a citizenry now subject to the mercy of violent criminals—who retained their arms. During the same period that Australia experienced a net increase of 31.9 percent in murders from 1995 to 2007, the United States experienced a nearly equivocal 31.7 percent DROP in homicides—-notably absent a gun ban.

While anti-gun activists will continue to pursue firearms regulations, ostensibly oblivious of the catastrophic consequences of their plans, it is important for us as lawful, informed firearms owners to not only assert the naturally-derived nature of our Right to Bear Arms—but to defend it from assault with fact. If we abdicate our responsibility to do so, gun confiscation can indeed “happen here”—as it did in both Australia and Great Britain, both of whom are suffering the consequences of creating a society where the government disarms the lawful to the convenience of lawless.

Austin Moccia

Founder – Michigan Gun Rights

Austin Moccia is the founder of Michigan Gun Rights, a state Second Amendment advocacy group dedicated to fact-checking the anti-gun lobby and employing education and inclusion as a means of proliferating Second Amendment freedoms and the shooting sports.

Austin is a small business owner, with an eclectic array of passions that include entrepreneurship, target shooting, weight lifting, engines, video editing, and more.

You can visit Michigan Gun Rights and the Michigan Gun Rights Team at:


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