A Woman’s Place in the Firearms Industry

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I personally have worked in industries that could be considered “boys clubs.” I decided to get sales experience by getting into car sales. I loved the guys I worked with, and loved the job too. I changed industries into construction while maintaining the sales person job title. When making the transition over to my passion, to the “boys club” of the firearms industry, I never gave it a second thought due to my gender. While my time in the firearms industry has not been very long, I have definitely been inspired and encouraged by women and men alike. So really, what is a woman’s place in the firearms industry?

The thought behind firearms has always been that they’re masculine, and that makes it easy to understand why a man would have a firearm, but not a woman. Masculinity has nothing to do with it. How about instinctual? A person’s survival and protective instincts are the reason firearms are owned by law-abiding citizens. It is our natural instinct to want to defend ourselves, and others. Across many different species it is the female’s responsibility to care for and protect their young. This means, it is within our instincts as women to not only protect ourselves, but our offspring as well. That’s the justification behind a woman owning a firearm, but what about women diving further into the industry?

Who is to say that women aren’t allowed to be competitive? Many instructors will talk about the fact that they will happily teach a female over a male student any day because the female will end up being the better shot a majority of the time. These same instructors will swear up and down that women are faster learners, faster on their feet, and overall more agile than men. Whether or not that’s true, I’m not sure, but it’s definitely impressive to hear that instructors want to work with women for these reasons. In the past few decades you have women who were taught to handle and use firearms from young ages that are now able to dominate when it comes to shooting, and on a competitive level. Be honest with me: if you found out you were great at something and enjoyed it, would you not want to pursue it on a competitive level (finances permitting)? I’m sure the answer is, yes. Why wouldn’t you? It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female, that’s just a fact. I haven’t met a single person who isn’t applauding the female competitive shooters. We all should be. They’re molding the future of the sport into being a well-balanced competition for all, with no opinion of the gender or age of the competitors. Good job ladies.

There are women in ownership and managerial positions in the firearms industry. Say what? You read that right. They exist. Right here in Florida I’ve met several of them. Female owners of gun shops, concealment companies, and instructors can be found, all here in the “Right-to-Carry state” and I’m sure in many other states as well. All of them are some pretty awesome women who won’t take anyone’s nonsense. Wouldn’t you agree, that to be in an ownership or managerial position in any industry that you, as a male or female, have to not tolerate nonsense? Yeah, it’s definitely the same in the firearm industry. Just like most other industries there are women who have the right attitude to strive and thrive within the firearm industry. Most of the women you talk to will be very knowledgeable about firearms, their functions, holsters, and so on. It’s downright impressive to talk to these women about such things because it’s a completely different perspective than that of a man’s. I’m not saying that listening to a man’s perspective is wrong, it’s just refreshing to hear something from a different point of view.

Earlier I talked about women’s instinctual attraction towards having firearms. Women having firearms gives them the advantage they may not have in a time of danger. This may seem like an obvious thing to most, but I’ve read some naysayers over women having firearms in recent months and I feel it needs to be addressed. Gentlemen, the 2nd Amendment applies just as much to women as it does to men. The men who read this that are with the times just shook their head in disbelief that I even felt the need to say this, but yes, it needed to be said for the men who believe that it’s still the 20th century. In the event of danger, a woman has the right to protect herself, and not wait the average response time of ten minutes for help to arrive. In the event of a tyrannical government, women making up 50% of the population stand just as much to lose in regards to their rights if the 2nd Amendment is lost. So why not allow them to learn to stand up for it? In doing so, it only creates a stronger force to be reckoned within the American people.

A woman’s place isn’t behind, along side of, or in front of the men who dominate the industry. Not one bit. It’s wherever she chooses it to be. Whether she wants to be the weekend warrior at the range, the competitive shooter, the business owner, or the woman who wants to be knowledgeable to stand up for herself or her country if the need ever arises. It has nothing to do with women’s rights. It’s the individual’s rights. My rights, her rights, his rights, your rights, they’re all the same and we all have the ability to fight for whatever we want in life. So ladies, gentlemen, thank you for the level playing field of an armed and polite society.

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