BATFE Ammo Scare Concession… What’s It All About?

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Now do we really think money was not involved in this “back peddling” by the BATFE?  Do we really think they are done with this issue?  Here is their press release in regards to their statement. It does reflect that their decision is due in large part to our responses, but it does NOT say they are done:  

After the close of the comment period, ATF will process the comments received, further evaluate the issues raised therein, and provide additional open and transparent process (for example, through additional proposals and opportunities for comment) before proceeding with any framework.

My father used to say: When evaluating anything, always ask yourself; Is there money to be made?  If so, then that is usually the trail to follow.  In the true spirit of my father, that is exactly what I did. I asked myself; Who stands to make money off this deal?

Let’s just look at this from a different perspective for one minute.  If we’d been talking Wall Street and the “power brokers” that can move the market, what would a little insider trading scare create?  You take a small up and coming public corporation, make a public announcement that they are being audited for fraud and see what happens to the market in regards to their stock value.  If it so happens that this information wasn’t completely true, but the scare created a panic and everyone sold their stock cheap, said company who leaked the information buys it up at reduced price and makes billions.

So ask yourself; Who owns the largest supply of surplus M855 ammunition?  Doesn’t take a “rocket surgeon” to make that determination; Uncle Sam’s Army/Navy Surplus.  Who benefits into the billions if the price were to suddenly skyrocket (from an ammunition ban scare)? Again, a PhD from Havard is not required to understand and follow along with this train of thought.  Our government stands to make billions of dollars off the sale of their M855 rounds, when they start selling off this enormous stockpile of “armor-piercing” ammunition.  In the meantime, the net value of their inventory just went up.

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I am NOT saying this wasn’t a victory.  This was absolutely a victory in the sense that we all came together in a short period of time and let them know where we stand, but… was this a victory in the traditional sense of the word?  I’m not sure I can go along with that, simply because either way this played out, it was still a “win-win” for our government. They either concede to the will of the people and increased the value of their surplus ammunition, gained a win for gun control or if they were lucky enough, gotten both.

At the very least, they were testing the waters in regards to our resolve and they now know where we stand, but let’s not celebrate too heartily over this small victory. Being premature with anything can be embarassing and extremely detrimental to the end game or our reputation in general. Remember, when it comes to a war over money, our government is going to win every time, but when it comes to integrity and resolve… Ours will always stand above theirs.




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