California City Votes to Keep American Flag on Police Cruisers

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Earlier this year, the city council of Laguna Beach, California agreed to redesign their police cruisers. The biggest change was the fact that the word “police” on the sides of the vehicles resembled the American flag. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Mayor Pro Tem of the city, Steve Dicterow, had received hundreds of emails concerning the redesign. Most of the emails were positive with the senders voicing their support. However, there were also those who didn’t look as kindly upon it as their fellow citizens.

“Some of the words people used was that they felt it was threatening, intimidating, harassing, and symbol of racism,” the mayor said. Some others had said that the design might come across as “offensive to immigrants.”

After multiple objections to the new design, it was decided that the city council would reconsider the design and vote on whether to change it. During that meeting, which was on April 17th, the room was filled with people awaiting the council’s decision. Dozens of citizens stood in line to publicly declare their support for the new cruisers. One woman even broke out into singing the National Anthem with almost their entire room joining her.

Before voting, the council asked those who supported the design to raise their hands. Dozens did. When it was time for those who opposed to make themselves known, only one person raised their hand.

The council voted 4-1 in favor of keeping the design.

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