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Conspiracy or Coincidence: When Strange Things Happen After Poking The Bear

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Friday night I attended a “Ladies Night” training program at Patriot Protection in Plano TX. On my way home, just a few blocks from my house, I noticed that I was being followed by a police cruiser. I am a law-abiding citizen, my vehicle is legal and I was obeying all traffic laws. As I turned down my street, they “lit me up” and being only about 100 yrs from my house, I pulled into my driveway and parked. Now, I am not trained in law enforcement, but I know a “felony stop” when I see one. After a few tense moments, we did the license and insurance thing, then I was told the reason for the stop was that my brake lights weren’t working. I did NOT get a ticket or anything, but after the officers left I had my son check my brake lights. They worked just fine.

I let that slide for several reasons. First, I live in a not-so-nice neighborhood. Second, the car I drive is popular among a certain unsavory element of the neighborhood. You may be thinking PROFILING right about now, it’s not the first time and quite frankly, I don’t have a problem with profiling, per se. Of course, I rationalized it by thinking my car may have matched a vehicle description from some nefarious incident and just let it drop. The bogus brake light thing does concern me though, but then not everyone is as accepting of the practice of profiling as I am, so honesty on their part may have been asking a bit much.

Sunday the coincidences continued. Let me just say that these things are probably completely unrelated, so I’m still not ready to point fingers or credit this to some retaliation, but… Sunday morning started off normal enough, checking email, logging onto Facebook, checking messages and notifications. Then out of the blue I get a message saying my password had expired and I needed to re-log in. Upon doing so, I was notified I had been reported for not using my real name on my personal Facebook page. For the record, this had happened before although not while I was logged in and it just forced me to change my name when I logged in and all was well. Due to the often violent and harassing nature of anti-gun nuts, I haven’t always been completely open on my personal page and used to post solely under the nickname DoubleTap on both my zombie-related pages and on the Cold Dead Hands Facebook page. That being said, I have been using my real name on my personal page, but this time I had to provide PROOF OF IDENTITY to Facebook in order to get reinstated. My name is out there now, people know who I am and what I do, so I provided the proof as requested. It took almost a day and a half for them to “review my case” before reinstating my page, but only after removing the DoubleTap I had as my “middle name” despite the fact that their “rules” do allow the use of nicknames.

As I said, this may be just coincidences, but I felt compelled to document it, just in case. I haven’t wrapped the house in tin foil, yet. My vigilance level is heightened and I have taken certain precautions. I’m well aware that when you poke big bears, things happen. I’m reminded of a quote from Winston Churchill, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood for something in your life.”

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” – Mark Twain – Notebook, 1904


Jon Britton aka DoubleTap is Chief Operating Officer of CDH, Inc., a regular contributing author and regularly involved in most aspects of their social media. “Writing was never a goal or even vaguely contemplated as a career choice, it just happened, an accidental discovery of a talent and a passion.” A passion that has taken him in many directions from explorations of the zombie subculture and zombie stories to political advocacy. Joining the U.S. Air Force right out of high school, Jon had the opportunity to experience many different parts of the world and different cultures. His post military career path, both white collar and blue collar, allowed him to work alongside both CEOs and average Joes. As a founding member Cold Dead Hands his study of human nature and writing ability found a purpose. His zombie roots provided a variety of issues from prepping to human behavior under crisis to firearms that he applies to his advocacy for gun rights. A ravenous appetite for the study of history combined with his current events political junkie addiction led to him writing an e-book Gun Sense: Past, Present and Future.

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