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A Conversation with TJ Fabby

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It would promote self-sufficiency as a means for people to lessen their tax burden and most importantly it would motivate our state representatives to be vigilant about how their policies effect our economy. Governments burden on the people was a common theme throughout our conversation as well. He is a firm believer in the state’s power to nullify federal infringements on the liberties of the individual. He strongly opposed federal control of Texas land, such as the proposed 90,000 acres along the Texas/Oklahoma border which the Bureau of Land Management seems to want to confiscate. In short, he fills the bill of a Constitutional Conservative with his belief in a small government, individual liberty and the principles of God-Given Rights that this nation and Texas were founded upon.

Overall, talking with Mr. Fabby was like talking to anyone here at Cold Dead Hands or our any one of thousands of our social media followers. The conversation would have probably gone on for hours if he hadn’t been in the middle of a campaign. Apparently, campaigning takes a lot of time and work, but he seems to have the proper work ethic to get the job done. If you have followed our positions here at Cold Dead Hands, then you have a pretty good idea of what TJ Fabby stands for, he is very much one of us. When asked what his constituents could do to help him represent them in Austin, his reply was “get involved.” Much like we advocate, he would like to see his constituents maintaining regular contact with him, he would prefer to talk to them over lobbyists. He does not want to speak FOR his constituents, he wants to have them involved and then REPRESENT their views in the chambers of the capital. He has been endorsed, unlike his opponent, by several gun rights and 2nd Amendment groups and I am happy to announce that TJ Fabby is the first candidate to receive the official endorsement of Cold Dead Hands as well. So, if you live in or around the area of Waxahachie, TX. and you want to get involved and support a candidate that shares our views, NOW is the time to do it. He faces a run-off election May 27th, show your support vocally, financially if possible, but most importantly physically. That means it is time to get off the couch, turn off the game and lets band together and put a true public servant into office that will listen and truly represent the people of House District 10 in Austin.

CDH Endorses TJ FabbyBy the way, did I mention he supports Constitutional Carry? He firmly believes that no Texan should have to ask the permission of the state to exercise their right of self-defense from predators in the wild, predators in the street or predators in our own, or any, government.

How do you “get involved”? Texas Firearms Freedom is organizing Block Walks for supporters to get out and talk to people about TJ Fabby, his policies and positions, and to propel him through the run-off election May 27th into the District 10 Seat in Austin. For more information:


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