Craig “Metal Law” Wisnom

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Craig “MetalLaw” Wisnom is a Tucson native and practicing attorney in Southern Arizona. He’s a proud father of two, an avid heavy metal fan, and an active practitioner of his firearm rights. Happily in a rut nestled in the mountains of his birth, he’s also an award winning writer for the State Bar of Arizona, and has been consistently listed in Best Lawyers of America since 2008.

Craig has been a frequent contributor and legal adviser for Cold Dead Hands. He’s written numerous in depth articles for the site, especially those with a particular legal bent, and he has created hundreds of “memes” on social media, both humorous and serious, which collectively have tens of millions of views. Craig has undergone firearms and self-defense training with national experts, and is dedicated to preserving the rights of all individuals to defend themselves as they see fit.

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