Defining a Nation

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       A republic is  a government based on the rule of law, the constitution. A democracy is the rule by the majority. A republic realizes the unalienable rights of it’s citizens whereas a democracy only cares about wants and needs. By  now it should be apparent (if it wasn’t already) why the difference was so important to our founding fathers. The majority isn’t always in the right and the minority isn’t always in the wrong (consider our first revolution). That being said, an overwhelming majority is usually indicative of a well supported measure – thus why a constitutional amendment requires affirmation from three quarters of the states. Our founding fathers made sure that a 51% majority could not take away our rights. 

         A pure democracy is not a place in which I wish to live, nor did our founding fathers. It is my belief that someone sitting in a room hundreds of miles away should not be able to sign a piece of paper and turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. Our rights are under attack and this illusion is just another tactic that they have deployed against us. So what can you do about this you might ask; you can start by correcting those whom are under the impression that we live in a democracy. Let them know just how thankful that they should be that we do not live in a democracy.  Similarly, never forget to remind your fellow citizens that your rights are not given by the constitution, they are insured by the constitution. They are becoming more blatant with their assault – but with their arrogance comes laziness. We cannot afford to be lazy – the fight for our rights will not end anytime soon. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

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