Definition of INFRINGEMENT

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noun \in-ˈfrinj-mənt\
Definition of INFRINGEMENT
1: the act of infringing : VIOLATION
2: an encroachment or trespass on a right or privilege
1. any government action limiting freedom of speech is an infringement of the U.S. Constitution>
First Known Use of INFRINGEMENT

Now that you have read the definition of infringement as defined by the well respected Webster Dictionary, lets discuss it, shall we?
To infringe is to violate, encroach upon, breach, trespass or limit something.
The Second Amendment in our Constitutional BILL OF RIGHTS, which encompasses the first ten Amendments to the US Constitution, written in order of priority are rights and not privileges. They CANNOT be taken away. Our right to bear arms is only second to freedom of religion, speech, press and assembly. It is also the only RIGHT that our Fore Fathers considered strong enough to include the term “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” As a 21 year employee of the federal government and for clarification, the term SHALL indicates that this action is MANDATORY. If this would have been open for interpretation, it would have read that it “May not be infringed” indicating that infringement was to be performed as required. Now that we are clear on the definitions and terms, we can move forward. Something as simple as a background check, state required carry permit, denial of your right to bear arms such as in Illinois etc, limitations of what arms you may bear, limitations to magazine capacities, how often you may purchase a gun or how many, all fall under the term INFRINGEMENT. Now, I realize the importance of and agree to a limited extent with background checks. I don’t want truly mentally defective (that is the term currently used on gun purchase background checks) people owning guns. That’s still not my call per the constitution, however. So why does the government think it’s THEIR call? The Constitution was written to regulate THEM not US. Hmmmmm, makes you wonder what this is all about besides the obvious hostile takeover of OUR country by TYRANTS. People control and not gun control is the reality and that cannot be disputed. Care to retort? Let me know what you think. Please don’t bring your personal convictions in on this. They matter not. We are talking about only the FIRST infringement of our rights. Once that has been successful, especially the loss of our 2nd, soon there will be no first. Write that down. ~Hitman

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