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A Divided Nation?

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Now they take this “racial” tension they’ve hyped up (I still find it hard to believe we let them do this to us, since the “black/white” issues are slowly fading toward obscurity) and they use that diversion (this time Racism, next time Gay Rights or Gun Control) to further perpetuate the huge chasm of division among the enemy (US). Ya see once these obscure and pure hatemongers like Sharpton or Jackson step on board to renew their narcissistic desire to be idolized (oh you can bet your sweet bippy they think they’re smarter than the “average” black man), you should already be questioning the validity of the incident. But trust me, once that pot gets stirred sufficiently, it starts to take on a life of its own. Then “mob rule” type mentality (of course our own President condoned the Ferguson riots, because he believes that chaos will be the catalyst for “change”) begins to create confusion among the ranks. Once we’ve been divided into enough pieces, they have weakened their opponent and surrender is imminent.

 People are feeding on this mentality and acting out irrationally by burning and destroying their own neighborhoods. If I was the Mayor of Ferguson I’d be like; “You can live in your filth and decay, because we’re moving to the next city over. You stay here and enjoy what y’all created.” Same thing has happened in every major urban area in the world and it would serve these people well to have to deal with that mess… themselves. You accomplished nothing! Nothing more than proving you can throw a temper tantrum like a 6 year old child. Did your parents not teach you anything?

If we as a Nation keep listening to these”jacknuts” this “political machine” is going to completely destroy the unity our country once embodied. We have to ask ourselves this one very important question? What do they have to gain by destroying this Nation from within? No worries, I’ll answer that for you: They create a weakened populace. A weakened populace cannot stave off the wolves of “Socio-Fascism. They want to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a Socialist Democracy, and they know that dividing from within (Racism, Socio-Economics, Education and Social Engineering) will crumble the very foundations that built the greatest country in the world. Did you read that correctly? Social Engineering… developed and perpetuated by our government will be the downfall of our Nation. “They” are creating this animosity between us. “They” have created the socio-economic division, a so-called “caste” system that intends to level the field and make every man equal. Well I’m telling you right now, we all may have been created equal, but we are not equal. We all have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but if you do not have the ambition or drive to pursue it, you will NEVER have it. You cannot steal happiness. You cannot force someone to give you their happiness. And you cannot rely on anyone else (insert government here) to provide it for you. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is yours to take, but you have to take it and make it, for yourself. If we continue to let “them” divide us, we have all lost and everything our Founders provided for us, will be lost along with it.  

United we Stand, Divided we FallWe are not perfect if we stand alone… but together, united as We the People… we are unstoppable. Remember, demanding equality does not make you equal. Adapting and accommodating a bully, will not make them respect you. Standing up and defending your own right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the only solution to ensuring you can maintain it.  I will respect your rights no matter who you are, if you are respecting mine. But in the same breath, I will bring the wrath of God down on your head if you even try to take what is mine.  I, nor anyone else owes you anything. We are all brothers and sisters, but we have to quit feeding the Beast… and start healing a Nation. “United we Stand, Divided we Fall”

“America will never be destroyed from outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Patrick James


Patrick JamesPatrick James is the Creator and Founder of Cold Dead Hands and CDH, Inc. An author, gun enthusiast and avid outdoorsmen, he can be found chasing his passions 24/7s.  “I’d rather enjoy my life and skid sideways into the grave, worn out and beat up, screaming that was a “helluva” ride, than arrive in one pretty piece, never taking chances and risking it all. Passion in all things, is the key to a successful life.” ~ Patrick James

 “Courage and perserverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and vanish into air.” ~ John Quincy Adams


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