Don’t Think They’ll Stop with “Common Sense” Restrictions

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And it obviously didn’t work. So you think at least they’d shut up. Instead, we’ve still seen all the typical gun control advocates open their mouth to exploit this horror, much of which wasn’t even committed with guns, to tell us it’s still the NRA’s fault. It’s our “gun culture” and it’s “too easy” to get guns. (And, if the thought of the government trying to address culture and vague concepts like “too easy” doesn’t horrify you, it does me!)

No example was worse than this frothing, raving, inane diatribe for gun control by Mike Lupica,, who many of us know from the Sports Reporters show. I apologize in advance if you read it, because it is a sickening, twisted, offensive assault on all of us without the slightest tinge of logic or reason. It will not only offend you as a freedom loving American, but as someone with functional logic. (Keep in mind, Lupica was the one who wrote an ugly column immediately after the Naval Yard shooting saying it showed the horror of the AR-15, even though it was completely factually wrong because the killer didn’t use that type of a weapon.)

But, aside from getting your blood pressure up, what we can and NEED to learn from this round of gun control idiocy is what it says in the picture. It is why we need to fight every additional restriction, every limitation against our rights. They think we’re paranoid when we see a slippery slope? They are telling us as plain as day in these types of commentaries.

Even if you have everything they say they want now as “common sense”, bad things will still happen, and they will never be satisfied with the gun laws. If background checks, 10 round limits, and assault weapon bans are not enough, then what will they do IF they did get those passed nationally, and the next attack occurs? We know what. Given their way, they would ratchet everything down another notch, and keep going.

And they wonder why we resist them at every stage of gun control? Because if we give them an inch, they will want another inch, and by the time we realize they’ve taken the mile, it will be too late. Don’t believe me. Just listen to them

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