The Fighting Way of the Kitchen Knife

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    “I will be carrying my folder,” they explain. “I don’t carry a gun.”
    Some of these people live in countries where guns are a big no-no, bugaboo. In some cases any knife is a big no-no. Not for criminals of course, just good people.But for the folding-knife-only requests, I do try to explain that once you open the folder, it looks and operates like any of kind of “fixed” blade knife anyway, and their request becomes a moot issue. Once opened, the training is the same. I think they catch on to this idea pretty easily. We stress the “quick draw” and opening folding knives in our Knife Level 1 via various exercises, drills and scenarios, so we get the opening part of the folder done way early.
    But, I still do hear some complaints on the “big knife,” or what some call “Bowie Knife” fighting or even big-knife-dueling, because they say they’ll never, ever hold such a big knife. (Remember, they already have their $400-plus, specialized combat, folding knife made by combat master Jake Twilly- knife maker to the stars! Which is why they are now calling you.)
    It is well known in the knife and crime business that many if not most knife attacks in the civilized world are done with single-edge, kitchen cutlery. Yes, kitchen knives. Why? One reason is they are just so darn handy in restaurants and homes when tempers flare, or where criminals crawl, etc. Keep in mind that many burglars, home invaders and rapists use the kitchen knives of their victim, so as not to be caught roaming the streets with a big knife before or after the crime. They break in and go straight to the kitchen. So a fair number of home invasions and rapes are with kitchen knives. (I like to say in classes, if you wake up to a the sound of your silverware crashing at night? This is not a good thing.) 

    Bump! So if your secreted gun is not handy in your home, or you don’t have a gun, you might well race to your kitchen and grab, brace yourself, the biggest knife you can find. Even if you feel a little shaky at home for some reason, you might well carry a kitchen knife back to the bedroom with you. It won’t be the small, paring knife. You won’t pass over your giant carving knife to select a small steak knife because it, resembles your pocket folder, will you? No, you will get the la grande heifer model. Even the criminal grabs your biggest knife in the kitchen drawer or the butcher block, if just for the intimidation factor. In a desperate moment you will be using a Bowie knife-sized, edged-weapon to scrap with a rapist or a criminal. Learning to handle and move with and against a big knife is quite probable and important. 
    We live in a mixed weapon world. Hand, stick, knife gun. Your likes or dislikes of weapons, your laws or your preferences may not count or matter in an emergency fight for your life. If you dislike big knives or want small knife training, vice-versa, or want training in just one very slim, specific style, size or shape of a knife, you may be missing the sharpest point of what a real emergency means, no pun intended.