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Give Kids Guns: The Only Reasonable Common Sense Solution

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Well, the short answer is to GIVE KIDS GUNS, but of course such an answer would probably make even many pro-gun people’s heads explode, so let me elaborate. First, however, let’s put a few things into perspective, for example the fact that the vast majority of kids today grow up in gun-free households or hidden-gun households. Ironically, many gun owners have been duped into the belief that they must hide and lock away their guns from their kids to “protect the children.” Another ironic twist in this conversation is the fact that youth shooting sports are booming as well, no pun intended. Then we get into the issue of firearms MISINFORMATION. Most kids don’t see firearms on a daily basis other than through movies and video games. As a movie buff and gamer myself, let me just share a couple of humorous examples of these two misinformation phenomena. I recently came across a video made by Jerry Miculek that is a wonderful illustration of one of the many “Hollywood” gun-isms. In his video, Jerry Miculek- A manly life | A day in the life (4K) he pokes fun at the “Hollywood revolver” in the scene captured below:

On the gaming side we have this “satirical news” piece from The Duffel Blog, Gamer Who Joined ISIL Has Terrible Kill-To-Death Ratio, which chronicles a fictitious gamer’s transition from video war games to the realities of war. Now these two examples are humorous looks at the serious issue of misinformation being propagated to our kids. The fact that people find them funny merely illustrates that people do recognize that these issues exist, but how do you counteract such misinformation and public perception? In a word, EDUCATION. Kids who grow up around guns learn at an early age to understand, properly handle and respect firearms. Such kids grow up to be the adults who see these things in movies and video games and either find them amusing in their inaccuracy or very disturbing. Personally, I come down on both sides of that fence, while I do get a good chuckle out of such things I am also quite worried about what these portrayals are doing to kids without any real world reference to judge it against. Having long been an advocate for the return of firearms education to school curriculum, now more than every it feels like an idea that is long overdue.

With all of this in mind; the current socio-political climate, rising gun ownership and rampant misinformation there is only one reasonable common sense solution. Give Kids Guns, with proper adult supervision and education, of course. The time to re-introduce firearms education and training back into school curriculum is long overdue. That means both public and private schools as well as making such education and training readily and affordably available to homeschoolers. Granted, certain “Demanding Moms” who have zero #GunSense will scream to high heaven over such a proposal, but it is well past time to face the histrionics and begin a legitimate discussion along these lines. After all it of “for the children” and if we can “save just one child” through these educational efforts then it will all be worth it, right? Now the question is, do we have any elected officials with the “intestinal fortitude” to do what is so obviously the right thing? Are the American people so corrupted by the misinformation and propaganda surrounding the gun debate that they are no longer able to recognize what is truly the reasonable and common sense thing to do? I suppose the reaction to this article might give us some indication as to just how much “common sense” is left in America.

Feel free to start the conversation in the comments section below, somebody has to start it and it might as well be us.


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