Gun Bigotry is Intolerable

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Let’s introduce one of the nastiest anti-gun bigots out there. Mike Lupica, whom I knew best not from news or political reporting, but as an ESPN employee on the Sports Reporters. I first encountered his raving delusions and bigotry on the heels of the Naval Yard Shooting. He wrote the following column blaming the dangerous AR-15 as being responsible for another mass killing, and of course blaming anyone who had resisted “common sense” gun control to ban it.

Of course, this was utterly false. That killer used a shotgun, not an AR or any similar type of semi-automatic rifle. A shotgun that was even part of the “approved” list on Feinstein’s exhaustive 2013 Assault Weapons Ban bill. In that article, Lupica’s rabid snarls, viewed through the lens of his error, repudiated the gun control movement. First, there is the simple evidence of absolute journalistic failure, with someone writing such a long, detailed article, all based upon a fact that was completely and utterly false. Second, there was the bias evidenced through the expression of such vehemence without reliable data. He so wanted to point the blame at the NRA and gun owners that he wrote his own narrative without need to find the truth. Objective not? Third, most importantly, the mistake repudiated his entire point. If such a killing could be committed without the scapegoated black rifle (and as we’ve seen lately, can be committed with knives and guns as well) but a slightly-less demonized firearm, it was one more piece of evidence that the “common sense” gun laws they were promoting and pushing were nonsense. It was not about the tool, it was about the killer. Of course, as you can see, with a slight dislcaimer at the beginning, the hateful argument still exists in all its glory to mislead the ignorant and to prove the falsity of his point to the knowledgable.

Reprehensible as it was, you might think that he would have learned his lesson. Not so. This is the type of anti-gun bigot who doesn’t care about truth, doesn’t care about improving his journalistic accuracy or integrity, but only exploiting the bodies of the dead for gun control….and for money. (Who makes money particularly off these tragedies? The new sources that prey upon them with gleeful solemnity. Hypocrisy at its finest.)

This was displayed again after the Isla Vista murders. Since these killings were accomplished equally with other weapons besides guns, given they took place in California with every gun-control wishlist restriction in place, I naively figured the gun control forces wouldn’t be saying much. But, people like Lupica showed themselves lower than my expectations. Lupica again published this sick collection of illogical ravings. The fact that millions of people were reading this from the NY Daily News cover story, and believing this drivel helped drive my blood pressure through the roof. My forehead veins are still recovering.

Let’s return to the bigotry. On top of the illogic, the lies, the misinformation, and the duplicity of these arguments:

“They call semiautomatics like this sport rifles. You bet. Mostly for the sport of killing innocent people, and killing them fast.”

Really? Two AR’s were used in publicized mass killings in the last 4 years, out of MILLIONS of these owned in this country, that equates to MOSTLY? Implying any of us who owns one of these efficient rifles is in the hobby of hunting innocent people? How about his reference to “a country that gets lousier with its own stupid gun culture.” Now imagine if that was directed against a racial group.

And of course, it’s not limited to him. Jim Carrey managed to be less funny than usual when he accused us of being “heartless motherfuckers”, “morally deficient human beings” and having “very little left in their body or soul worth protecting.”

Texas Democratic politician John Cobaruvvias tweeted: “”Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?” Charming.

Is it just with celebrities and media-writers? Take a look at this video of students being willing to sign a fake petition to put gun owners in concentration camps and execute them with their own guns, after confiscating them.

Like all of you, I am a responsible gun owner. I’m married and have children, to whom I do my best to impart responsibility. I secure my guns, handle them with care and safety, and take steps to protect myself, my family, and the other innocents who are around me. I run a small business, and I generally think people who work for me and for whom I work think I help them in one way or another. My guns cause no risk to the safety of any other individual. While I’m not in 100% agreement with the NRA on all issues, I am a member because I think it’s certainly one part of the fight to preserve our freedoms.

But, as I read through all these bigoted statements, apparently I am heartless. Because I’m a gun owner, my “culture” is lousy and I am stupid. I have no morals, and my soul and life is not worth protecting, and I should be shot dead to teach me a lesson. My hobby apparently includes hunting and murdering innocent people.

Seems to me like prejudice. Bigotry. And the worst kind, fueled by dark, ugly, and irrational hate. So why is that acceptable?

Freedom of speech means all of the people above have the right to say the things they do. But it also means we have a right, if not a responsibility, to refute not only their lies and their slander, but their ugly bigotry. Let them know that if their employees spew that, we’re going to call them on it. We’re going to make them realize they are insulting, in the vilest terms, their customers, their readers, their viewers. If we’re going to hold a business owner accountable for racist comments in a private conversation, then how can we not hold these people responsible for their far more vicious comments.

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