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Gun Shy: American Business Intimidated By Guns

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Case in point: FedEx and UPS refuse to ship a CNC Milling Machine, called the “Ghost Gunner,” that can be used by individuals to LEGALLY complete the final stages of manufacture of a lower receiver. For example, an 80% AR-15 Lower receiver, the part of the firearm that is regulated by the BATFE, can be shipped to an individual via FedEx or UPS, but the machine to complete the last 20% of the milling process cannot. WHY? That’s a good question and I’ll answer that question with a question. What is a “Ghost Gun?” The term “Ghost Gun” was coined to disparagingly describe an unserialized firearm, like referring to an AR-15 as an “assault weapon.” Under Federal Law, any COMPANY that manufactures firearms for sale or transfer, such as an AR-15 lower receiver, is required to put a serial number on each and every one they produce. However, that same law EXEMPTS individuals from that requirement, “With certain exceptions,” such as making a fully automatic National Firearms Act regulated firearm, “a firearm may be made by a non-licensee provided it is not for sale and the maker is not prohibited from possessing firearms.” – BATFE FAQs Page. So, what is the concern over shipping a CNC milling machine? It’s not a firearm component or even a complete firearm, both of which FedEx and UPS regularly ship on a daily basis. Oh, and for the record, the Drill Press mentioned in the video below CAN be shipped. Amazing, huh?

This is just another, albeit extreme, example of American companies becoming “gun shy” here in Gun Country. They join a growing list of banks and credit processors that have refused to handle gun sales transactions and even search engines and social media platforms have become “gun shy.” Not to mention other businesses that became “caught in the crossfire” of pro-gun and anti-gun advocates as the Texas Open Carry movement began making headlines. While most of those businesses did NOT outright ban firearms in their establishments, the anti-gun PR campaigns did effectively bully them into at least “discouraging” the open carry of firearms on premises. All of this is driven by negative publicity and fear of litigation. We have become such a litigious society, suing over everything from hot coffee to topless dancer induced whiplash, that anything “firearm related” must be especially worrisome. So, where does that leave us? Well, as individual Americans it leaves us all with a CHOICE. Do we continue to patronize businesses that put their bottom line profit margin above our rights as Americans? That IS always an option, although not a very effective option considering that there are more non-gun owners in America than there are gun owners. The only real option is to eliminate the source of the problem, GUN LAWS.

The basis of the corporate fear of guns is legal liability, for example “What IF” they ship this machine to someone who then builds a bunch of unserialized, untraceable and unregistered firearms for some nefarious purpose, say a mass shooting or even a terrorist attack. Our completely corrupt and detestable legal system could conceivably hold the shipper responsible for shipping such a machine to someone who is not “legally” able to own a firearm, much less manufacture them. Are they really responsible for that? If there is no “legal” restriction, then there is no liability on the part of the shipper or the bank or credit processor who handled the financial transaction. Now, you may ask, “What about criminals, terrorists and crazy people getting guns?” To that I would answer, THEY ALREADY DO, so what are YOU going to do about it? You can continue to walk through life as an unarmed potential victim, patronizing businesses and institutions that deny your right of self defense or you can take responsibility for your own protection and the protection of those you love. Buy a gun, buy several guns for different situations or even MAKE YOUR OWN, then get training in how and when to use them. Protest such businesses financially by taking your business elsewhere and become advocates and ambassadors for gun ownership. The more active and engaged gun owners we have, the more power to effect change we have.

Here’s the bottom line, companies fear lawsuits because most of those lawsuits come from people that are unwilling to accept their own personal responsibility in a given situation and seek to blame someone else with deep pockets. Personal responsibility, awareness of your surroundings and looking out for others are all traits that come with gun ownership and training. These traits translate into other areas of life as well, such as the recognition that COFFEE IS HOT or the floor of the store aisle you are walking down is wet. These gun shy companies are a reflection of a sheepish population that would rather be herded through life with blinders on and blame others for their mistakes than to accept personal responsibility. Like raising children, if you want a society of responsible people you have to A: give them responsibility and B: hold them responsible for their actions. You cannot legislate responsibility, but you can punish irresponsibility. Abolish the unconstitutional gun laws, reform the legal system to discourage frivolous lawsuits and place responsibility back where it belongs, with individuals. They will either accept their responsibility or not and those that do not, will suffer the consequences of their choices rather than society as a whole. These “gun shy” businesses are not the problem alone, they are a symptom of a much greater problem within this society as a whole. A problem with We The People that We The People must correct.

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