LAG Tactical Defender Kydex Holster Review

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Patrick James here coming at you today with a review of the all new Lag Tactical Defender Holster. These holsters are brand new kydex holsters from Lag Tactical for the 2016 Shot Show. Now y’all know that I am a 1911 fan, and what do you know, Lag Tactical sent their Lag Tactical Defender 1911 holster!

A quick overview of the Lag Tactical Defender Holster:

  • Adjustable Retention. By tightening or loosening the screw below the trigger guard, you can customize how tight the holster “grabs” your pistol in order to suit your own unique draw stroke.
  •  2 Sets of Belt Loops. All of our holsters designed to be worn on a belt will ship with two sets of belt loops, enabling you to change your holster from Inside the Waistband carry to Outside the Waistband carry.
  • 1.5″ or 1.75″ belt widths are available.
  • 10* Forward Cant. The slight forward angle of the Patriot holsters is designed to maximize concealment and provide a wide range of adjustability.
  •  Flared Edges. Enables quick, one handed reholstering without having to take your eyes off of the threat. – Slim Profile.
  • Hand made in the USA!

Lag Tactical Defender Holster

For a full list of handguns that Lag Tactical Defender is compatible with, please head over to their website, here.

Customer Review of the Lag Tactical Defender:

I have owned, used, and handled a huge number of Kydex sheaths over the last decade. Kydex is Kydex so it really comes down to the quality of the forming, finish, and hardware used. Some of those Kydex holsters I have experience with have been rough almost ameturish quality. Some are downright horrible. LAG Tactical is on the other spectrum in the top end premium side of the manufacturing quality plus a level of customization options I have yet to see from a Kydex holster manufacturer.


If you are looking for a high quality kydex holster, you may need to look no further. We are conducting a series of tests on Lag Tactical’s products and are very impressed so far. If you are interested in picking up one of their holsters, you are in luck – they are available from with their notorious 2 day shipping, as well as the Lag Tactical Website.


A short history of the development of Kydex and similar holsters since 1990:

Inspired, and scared probably scared witless, by his pack failing and dumping “a ton” of gear into the middle of an Iraqi minefield, Navy SEAL Mike Noell founds Blackhawk!

EDITORS NOTE: We do not recommend or condone dumping your gear into an enemy minefield. Always hurl your gear into enemy minefields from a safe distance. For example, from central Idaho.

One of Blackhawk!’s successes is the Serpa retention holster designed to secure a handgun against accidental release or removal by evil d00dz. In a launch publicity stunt, illusionist David Copperfield attempts to escape from a 23x scale Serpa Holster.

The Kydex revolution begins when Blade-Tech founder Tim Wegner melts several toaster ovens in his kitchen in early attempts to make Kydex knife sheaths. Wegner’s wife gently and lovingly encourages him to move the budding business to the garage – where companies are normally started. When associates point out to Wegner that one shouldn’t bring knives to gun fights, the business begins to focus on Kydex holsters for guns.



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