Mass shootings and a Good Guy with a Gun

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A beautiful Sunday morning here in the Great Republic, and as the black coffee flows, I offer up my homegrown perspective on gun control, mass shootings and a good guy with a gun for your consideration….

I get all types of questions and comments on the Cold Dead Hands FB page, some are pro-gun control, but most are pro-2nd Amendment (thank the good Lord). Every now and again, I get a comment that really encourages me to think beyond my own perspective. Here is one of those comments:

“All I know is I lost a niece in the parkland shooting. The good guy with a gun narrative went out the window with me when the officer coward outside. hell, even El Paso showed that narrative didn’t help. All I’m asking is instead of automatically jumping to don’t take my guns, at least admit there is a problem and offer up solutions that don’t impede of your rights. I’m all ears. As a matter of fact, I enjoy going to the gun range with friends. I’m just tired of the needless killing.”

Out of the gate I wanted to let this gentleman know that I truly understood the “pain” involved with losing a loved one, so I responded as such:

“First off, let me say I am sorry for your loss. No child deserves to die (at the hands of evil or sickness), and nobody deserves the suffer the pain of that loss.”

Innocent children do not deserve to die. This is a fact. Those that are impacted by their death, deserve our empathy (or sympathy if you have experienced a similar loss), but at the “end of the day”, people no matter what age, will die. Tragedy, is still tragedy at any age or by any means.

This is where the conversation turned toward “mass shootings, good guys with guns, and constitutionality. This is where We the People have to take our emotions out of the equation and think about it more rationally.

This particular person experienced a traumatic event in their life, and based solely upon that event, is now willing to give up even more of their essential liberties for another promise of safety. This in essence is what the “Gun Free School Zone Act” of 1990 tried to accomplish (subsequently passed in 1994-95). Politicians tried to make Schools safer for children. We should all want children to be safer. The question we have to ask ourselves is; Do gun free school zones actually save lives or do they create a false sense of security?

I would speculate that they do save some lives. Here are some stats compiled on school violence. My question would be; did the type of violence change? I believe the reasons for the shootings have changed. I also believe that gun free school zones work some of the time, but I also believe they have created a target-rich environment of innocent, disarmed victims.

Now with all this being said… this article is not about whether “gun free zones” should exist or not (I personally do not like them), just bear this in mind; criminals do not care about a sign or a law. They only care about their own selfish desires.

So, let’s talk about “a good guy with a gun”. This is one of the hottest topics on the internet. People saying; “Good guys with guns haven’t saved any lives.” “Good guys with guns are cowards hiding in the back.” I’ve heard them all, but I assert;

“The only thing that can defend against evil, is a GOOD person who is “present, willing and able” to stand up and defeat it with equal or greater force. It doesn’t matter if that good person is a paid professional or a common every day Joe. It is the only thing that can “minimize” the damages done by a person who is committed to causing harm. This is a fact.”

There is no way we can stop evil from committing heinous acts of depravity. It will always find a way to act out its selfish desires. It is always going to find the advantage. It will always cause some type of damage and it is likely that innocence will be affected. All we can do is hope, pray and try to minimize its impact. Are there other factors that play into mass shootings? There are a plethora of factors. Let’s take a look at just a few.

Yes there is mental illness in our country. Yes, it might play a role in mass shootings, but it is NOT the main factor. Yes, drugs are likely playing a role in mass shootings. Prescription and illicit varieties are likely to cause various symptoms that can effect judgment. The latter is more likely a culprit, but unregulated prescriptions can as well. There are so many Americans self-medicating themselves today with all sorts of things (alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs), that there is no way of knowing for certain which way to turn.

Is it the “video games”? Violent and removed from reality, modern day video games have become much more graphic and violent. Are they a contributing factor in mass shootings? No more a contributor than heavy metal music or Holden Caulfield. Many have blamed bands like KISS, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Lamb of God or As I Lay Dying for creating a sound that enrages rather than soothes, so they want to find blame in that, the same as they tried to find blame in J.D. Salinger’s book “Catcher in the Rye”.

Is it the “Participation Trophy” factor? Is it the way our schools (and some parents) teach kids to deal with bullying? None of these are to blame, but they are likely to be contributing factors. They are certainly not to blame for the actions of evil people committing evil deeds. So, what is to blame?

Society as a whole is to blame. We the People are to blame. We have allowed our politicians and government to usurp portions of our unalienable, Creator bestowed rights for a promise of safety. Something they cannot create, nor can they absolve us our own individual responsibilities for it.

“Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.” Thomas Jefferson used this Latin phrase often. It translates to; I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.”

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” The famous words of Benjamin Franklin resound quite succinctly nearly 250 years later.

What are some of the examples of our and their failures? We begged for a better, more enhanced 911 system so the professionals could reach us faster. They responded and created a more effective version. The government absolved us of a little bit more responsibility, and created a “scapegoat” for us when it failed to perform as we expected.

The NFA of 1934, many have heard of it, and know it to be a “ban on full auto machine guns and short barreled shotguns”. It’s not a ban… it is a law that forces anyone who wishes to purchase these items, pay a $200 TAX and be “vetted” by the government. Why was it passed? Prohibition of alcohol created a rise in organized crime and the use of these types of weapons. Naturally, the government wanted to restrict the criminals (but they passed the law 2 years after prohibition was repealed). Were they really concerned with the criminals, who would still get them without paying a $200 permission price, or were they concerned about us? We allowed them to do it, right? They promised us safety, and we believed them and thus absolved ourselves of some of our responsibilities.

We can go on and on about all the laws our government has passed (over 25,000 gun control statutes currently on the books today), all of them promised us more safety, and we believed them. Gun registration will surely help… yet the GCA of 1968 failed to keep us safe. Bad guys are still using guns for bad things. Now, we’re talking Red Flag Laws and Mental Health restrictions as if they are the magic talisman to safety. They are not. They are just some of the final nails in our “government protected, natural born, Creator bestowed, unalienable right to self defense through any means necessary” coffin.

The government has been promising to protect us from ourselves, for a very long time and they have failed to produce any serious results. Why are we even letting them talk about more promises? Why are some so willing to listen to them talk about Mental Health regulations or Red Flag Laws? Is being responsible and self-reliant for your own protection so hard, that we’d rather live on our knees like a tyrant’s servant? We are humans with natural rights that were protected from government infringement… We need to start acting like the people our Founders created this form of government for, and stop thinking it is their responsibility to keep us safe from the boogie man.

I will start to wind this all down, because there are so many things plaguing our society, that it is impossible to touch on them in a written article. What I will do is list the things we know for a fact, aren’t the problem; Firearms are not the problem. A firearm (gun) is an inanimate object that is used for many reasons. It cannot be the problem, because it cannot do anything on its own. It is much like a a vehicle… it cannot cause an accident by itself, it must be operated.

Law-abiding citizens are not the problem, and Law Enforcement is not the problem. Criminals are the problem. One obeys the law, one enforces the law “after” it has been broken and one breaks the law. I’m not talking about the thousands of intrinsic, unconstitutional laws… I’m talking about breaking the moral code of natural laws.

We are all innocent of any future crimes we “might” commit, until they have been committed. We can’t see the future… and as such, we cannot punish someone for what they may do in it. These are facts. You can’t punish a person who drinks alcohol and has a drivers license, simply because there is a “potential” for drunk driving in the future. Just as you cannot punish a gun owner because there is a potential for future violence.

We as Americans should never consider operating that way (it opens up a potential Pandora’s Box, we will never be able to close). Good guys do not always wear white hats. Criminals do not obey laws. And Law Enforcement cannot be everywhere, always.

I present my final perspective for your consideration… I pray you think about it and ponder upon it:

“The only constitutional and cost effective means of protecting innocence, are willing volunteers who are present and able to minimize the impact of evil. That is what most true law-abiding gun owners are willing to offer. They may not always be the perfect solution (they don’t always look or act the part), but they are the most effective solution.”

We should be asking ourselves; Why are these politicians wanting to restrict, restrain or control an inanimate object or the law-abiding citizens who carry them? After all, we are and have always been our own 1st Responders.

“A well regulated Militia (that’s US), being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Remember, I’m just an imperfect guy living in an imperfect world, serving and following a Perfect Christ. I try to self-reflect upon my past mistakes as well as the past mistakes of our country, and with His guidance find a better solution for tomorrow than I made yesterday or today. I encourage all who can admit they are flawed, to find that relationship with the One who can make you whole again. It is a choice, and we all have freewill to choose… it works for me, and it might just work for you as well.

Thanks for following along with my perspective today… I hope you have a great rest of your weekend.

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Patrick James

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