Empowering Women?

Ok Fems, you finally did it! I’ll bite…

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Let’s talk about your “cause” for a second. You speak of equality for women and how society treats them. Yet, you take these cute impressionable littles, dress them up, stick them in front of a camera and exploit the hell out of them. Explain to me how making these children speak so offensively helps your “cause” gain respect for women… Apparently you live in a world full of hypocrisy and double standards. I’m curious how your mind works. I ask again, how do you expect society to respect women when you degrade them by using propaganda such as this?

So which is it? Do you support equality or do you support exploiting women and little girls? You know, coming from one female to another, it’s to be expected. Let me clarify… we women are known for creating drama, being wishy washy, sending mixed signals and changing our minds constantly, after all it is the “woman’s prerogative”. Then we chastise those who can’t keep up with our inconsistencies. So it’s no surprise you Fems once again stirred up drama, sent mixed signals and offended many. You see the difference this time is that it was at the expense of our innocent children who don’t deserve to be exploited and used to push your warped agenda!!

I’m calling you out!! Let’s get down to the REAL reason you created this commercial. It’s not for equality, and it’s not to raise awareness, but to sell your for profit company. With that said, making money in a for profit business is fine, but using these types of tactics is a poor choice. Especially when your “business” is a “cause” and you debase those you claim to represent for the sake of notoriety and profit. I’m embarrassed as a female, wife, and mother. I refuse to sit back and remain quiet on this one! I speak for women across the nation when I say you should be ashamed to call yourself an advocate for equality and women’s rights.

Empowering Women?This is just one more instance where progressive women expose their preference for being no more than mouthpieces for a hollow cause instead of making a point to really empower women. For example, by supporting their unalienable right to choose to arm themselves with more than a loudly spoken F-bomb. Women are tired of being told to embrace degrading and vulgar means as a way to fend off attacks, which in reality only makes them easy targets.

You’ve clearly missed the mark on this one!!!

~ AnnieUp

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