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Old World Craftsmanship Meets Modern Firearms

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Interestingly, I meet a lot of different people through our page and site, and Mike Martyn is one of those people. When I first caught a glimpse of Mike’s work, it was from an offhand picture on Facebook of a friend’s new grips. Now I’m here to say, these grips made the handgun really stand out in the picture, so naturally I had to inquire as to where she got them. This how I came to meet this modern day metalsmith.

Mike Martyn of Martyn Engraving is exactly that… an old school engraver, in a time of CNC and Laser equipment, Mike is a true artist in every sense of the word. He can take a vision, lay it out on paper and create a masterpiece. Now as with any artist, this might be enough, but he takes it the the next level. Hand engraving is in and of itself an art form of the highest caliber, but again I must digress… he takes it even one step further. He doesn’t use a Dremel tool, but rather a ‘hammer and chisel’ to create a 3-D version of your vision. Yes, you read that right. He takes a hammer and chisel and engraves your design on aluminum blanks.

Most people, myself included, might think this a highly illogical method to create a custom engraved handgun grip, especially since the advent of electric engraving tools. However, this is why these grips are so special. I wish everyone could hold a pair of Mike’s custom engraved grips in their hands, because that is exactly what it will take to truly see how insanely beautiful they are. I have done my level best to create pictures of them that visually describe their beauty, but they do not do justice, no matter how well they were taken.

So allow me to introduce you to our newest Cold Dead Hands vendor, Mike Martyn of Martyn Engraving. To say I’m proud to be carrying these custom grips in our store is an understatement of epic proportions. All I had to do was describe to Mike what I would like for our own Cold Dead Hands custom design. From there he took creative license and fashioned what I can only describe as incredible. Now combine those highly polished engraved grips on my parkerized finished Colt 1911 and it creates a visual effect that creates sweet dreams.

I won’t say these custom aluminum engraved grips are cheap, but for what you are getting they are a bargain at twice the price. Add in the fact that you are not limited to just our design, but can create your own if you choose to do so… and to me that is just amazing. Of course I am partial to our Cold Dead Hands design, and hope you are too; but just the thought of being able to create your own design is pretty incredible. Oh, and just in case you might not be able to afford that top dollar pricing for the hand engraved model, he has even created a cast resin model at a much cheaper price. Sure, you can’t customize the resin grips, but you can afford to buy a couple different styles of them, and truthfully they are pretty impressive in their own right, just more mass produced so he can sell them cheaper.

So if you want something that nobody else will have (custom engraved means that no two are alike) or just want to have something that looks good (the resin casts are made from custom engraved molds), check out our newest offerings. You will not be disappointed in your purchase, no matter which ones you choose. What I can say about Mike Martyn and Martyn Engraving (and I promise you this is not a sales pitch, but the gospel) if you don’t buy them in the very near future… they will be twice or three times the price. Once this man’s work gets known, they will no doubt command a premium price tag. You can find these and other products for sale at:

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