Parenting in a Hostile Society

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However, another story in the news recently has equally illustrated the role that society plays in either supporting good parenting or being a hostile interloper, undoing much of the good that hard working parents strive for with their children. This local news story brought this contrast in societal influence right to my very doorstep. Drunk Teen Kills Four. In order to put this in perspective, I must give you a glimpse inside my life and family. Brian Jennings, the youth pastor who was killed in the wreck, was a mentor to one of my sons. My youngest son, now 21, worked as his assistant in the youth ministry. On the other hand, the 16 yr old drunk driver who caused the accident has more in common with my older son, now 22. This tragedy has touched my family on many levels, but most of all it has illustrated, for me at least, the effect that a corrosive society can have on parenting. My sons are only a year apart in age, both had the same upbringing, both received the same levels of love, caring, discipline, oversight, monitoring, etc… Each took very different paths in life, not because of differences at home, but due to a difference in their influences away from home as well as their own individual personality differences. Now to be clear, I make no claims whatsoever that I am any sort of exceptional parent, but my wife and I did everything we knew to do in order to keep both of our kids on the straight and narrow. My wife was the neighborhood mom, taxi service for the kids and all of their friends, we did our best to substitute parent for the boys’ friends, took in troubled kids, kept the boys busy with school, sports, chores and such to limit their free time to find trouble. However, over the years it became infuriatingly obvious that other parents were not doing the same and the peer pressure from friends, liberal nonsense being taught in school, atrocious influences making the news and in the entertainment world were all working against us.

Though my older son strayed in his youth, he has since grown into a fine young man, so I know that our parenting was getting through. I wasn’t sure of that fact until I overheard him repeating one of my lectures to a friend of his on the phone. Yet even with all we tried to do, even with him actually listening to our advise, lectures and lessons the societal influences and pressures still took their toll on him. Not to give the impression that my younger son was an angel, he too fell prey to outside influences and had his own issues, however being the younger sibling he had the advantage of learning from at least some of his older brother’s mistakes. As a parent, I managed to raise two sons very differently. One was a Mr. popular, partier, underage drinker, brawler and the other a gentle giant (he’s 6’3″ 220 lbs), homebody, youth ministry and “Dear Abby” for his friends. Both are great young men now, but their teen years were much more influenced by peer groups and societal influences than by mom and dad.

I believe that parenting, especially in this hostile society, plays a major role in the future of gun issues, the 2nd Amendment and our freedoms and liberties. As society makes it increasingly more difficult to raise good and stable kids, especially through adolescence, the State will step in more and more to “save the day”, “save our kids”, “protect our kids from violence, gun violence, or radical God fearing, gun toting, freedom loving parents!” As society becomes more “socialized” and dependent upon government, parenting becomes that much harder and good, proper, traditional parenting becomes almost impossible. This takes me back to where I started, talking about Team CDH. Not only are the kids themselves awesome role models, but their parents are as well. We need to raise the societal standing of great parents instead of constantly highlighting the negatives in parenting. When tragedies happen, like the drunk teen crash, many people ask where were this kids parents? My question is, where is the society that used to support parents, help raise the neighborhood kids and talk to each other? In some cases the parents are lousy and THEY ARE to blame for their kids, but in other cases it is a disconnected, decaying society that diverts otherwise good kids from the influence of good and involved parents.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” – Ronald Reagan

“To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” – Richard Henry Lee

“Even as kids reach adolescence, they need more than ever for us to watch over them. Adolescence is not about letting go. It’s about hanging on during a very bumpy ride.” – Dr. Ron Taffel

“We are apt to forget that children watch examples better than they listen to preaching.” – Roy L. Smith


Jon Britton aka DoubleTap is Chief Operating Officer of CDH, Inc., a regular contributing author and regularly involved in most aspects of their social media. “Writing was never a goal or even vaguely contemplated as a career choice, it just happened, an accidental discovery of a talent and a passion.” A passion that has taken him in many directions from explorations of the zombie subculture and zombie stories to political advocacy. Joining the U.S. Air Force right out of high school, Jon had the opportunity to experience many different parts of the world and different cultures. His post military career path, both white collar and blue collar, allowed him to work alongside both CEOs and average Joes. As a founding member Cold Dead Hands his study of human nature and writing ability found a purpose. His zombie roots provided a variety of issues from prepping to human behavior under crisis to firearms that he applies to his advocacy for gun rights. A ravenous appetite for the study of history combined with his current events political junkie addiction led to him writing an e-book Gun Sense: Past, Present and Future.

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