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Press Release: 3/22/18 – YouTube Bans 2nd Amendment Advocacy Group

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Dallas, Texas. – Following a week of political activism by Youtube / Google – Cold Dead Hands was notified this morning that its Youtube Channel, which hosted its educational style videos about The 2nd Amendment & other constitutional issues, has been terminated for violating Youtubes Terms of Service.

This action came as no surprise to us, Youtube’s political leanings have been known to us for quite some time – we have made efforts in recent days to archive our educational videos, expecting such action from YouTube. We will not be stopped, and we call on all freedom loving Americans to stop patronizing this platform that will stop at nothing to alienate those of us with whom they do not agree. – Cold Dead Hands President, Patrick James

In a statement released by YouTube, they said “We routinely make updates and adjustments to our enforcement guidelines across all of our policies, while we’ve long prohibited the sale of firearms, we recently notified creators of updates we will be making around content promoting the sale or manufacture of firearms and their accessories.”

Cold Dead Hands videos are, and always have been, educational in nature. Such as  its “F.A.S.T. Program” series, a program Cold Dead Hands developed to provide College aged students with Firearms Awareness and Safety Training. Other videos included discussions about self defense, how to safely carry a firearm and political commentary on legislation and current events.

It is clear that if our firearms safety videos and discussions about 2nd Amendment issues were in violation of YouTube’s new policy, then YouTube intends to remove any and all videos relating to firearms in the near future. “Promoting the sale” of firearms is nothing more than a broad catch-all term to eliminate any reference to a legal, constitutionally protected product. Apparently, in the eyes of YouTube executives, merely standing up for the right to keep and bear arms fits into that broad definition of promoting. – Jon Britton, Cold Dead Hands Executive Director of Political Advocacy.

“We are here to protect all of our unalienable, God-given rights that have been guaranteed to us by the wisdom of our founding fathers through the United States Constitution. The best and only way to save these rights is to USE them; which is why we so strongly support our Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, as the best way to defend these rights and our homes against those who would want to take them.”

– Patrick James, President & Founder

Established in 2012, Cold Dead Hands is a Texas Based National 2nd Amendment Advocacy Group. More than two million supporters strong, Cold Dead Hands works on the legislative level to defend the 2nd Amendment and pass new laws, such as Constitutional Carry.

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YouTube Bans 2nd Amendment Advocacy Group - Cold Dead Hands

YouTube Bans 2nd Amendment Advocacy Group – Cold Dead Hands

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