B-Tac SNEK Bore Snake




No Step On Snek!

NoStepOnSnek Decal Included.
‘No Step On Snek’ Decal Included.

These snakes are as perfect for those who “obsessively” clean their firearms, as they are for those who do not.

One Step… after use, and it get’s the majority of debris left behind. 

  • Soft, durable cotton rope (specific sizing for bore) with sewn loop handle

  • Brass brush embedded in rope for scrubbing bore. 

  • Solid attached paracord rope with brass weight.

  • Label doubles are a durable vinyl decal. 

Make sure you order the appropriate size for the caliber firearm. 

.22/.223/5.56 (Green/Black)


.30 Caliber 30-30/30.06/.308/7.62 (Tan/Green/Black)


12 Gauge Shotgun (White/Green)




Please allow 3 – 5 days for delivery. Shipped FREE (within the lower 48 United States) from Deep in the Heart of Texas.