Cold Dead Hands Skull & Crossed Anchors US Coast Guard Vinyl Decal




Our “Shout Out” to the Coasties. We recognize your service and dedication to keeping the citizens of this country safe from tyranny both foreign and domestic. You swore the same oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, and we salute your service and sacrifice. 

All of our decals start with extremely durable UV coated vinyl, then our custom created graphics are laid down in brilliant full color high definition processing, to create an amazing visual effect.  You will not be disappointed with these awesome decals. 

Just like all the products we sell, you have the satisfaction of receiving the highest quality items available, and know that those products have benefited not only our 2nd Amendment endeavors, but helped small American businesses restore this incredible Nation of ours through restorative economic growth.  Thank you for supporting our cause and helping to bring back the Founding Father principles that created this Great Nation.