Cold Dead Hands Three Percent In Defiance Of Tyranny Vinyl Decal




As the story goes, only Three Percent of the population was responsible for creating the Liberties and Freedoms we have enjoyed in this country, and if that need were to ever arise again… it will be the III%’ers who will be the first to stand up to tyranny.  In honor of all those who are willing to stand on the front lines, with their voices ringing loud and clear, with a steely resolve that shows no weakness… this design is for you.  Cold Dead Hands wants to thank each and everyone of you, for all the support you’ve given us over the years. Without a united We the People, our country will surely fall

All of our decals start with extremely durable UV coated vinyl, then our custom created graphics are laid down in brilliant full color high definition processing, to create an amazing visual effect.  You will not be disappointed with these awesome decals. Check out all our decals, simple by clicking the “collections’ tab in our store.