Protect the ones you love

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Protect the ones you love. 

What does this statement even mean?

Protect – to safeguard.
Ones – people.
Love – this is where it gets tricky.

Not because love is difficult to define, but because when you love someone it can cause you to overreact. When you’re in a situation where someone you love could be negatively affected/hurt by the situation at hand (by words/actions/consequences) your fight or flight instincts quickly come into play. Best case scenario: you handle the situation with grace and appropriate force. Worst case scenario: you choke and use too little or too much force.

All the thought, consideration, and best intentions in the world will not fully prepare you to handle high stress situations. That’s where training comes into play. It’s difficult to anticipate and train for every situation, but it’s imperative that you include as many scenarios as possible, including verbal altercations. Training can help you gauge your natural reaction, and help you to build a less emotional more logical response. It’s better to be prepared than to have to give an apology to someone who can’t/won’t/doesn’t want to hear it.

~ Double Tap Dolly

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