Respect Is Earned, NOT Demanded.

Respect, Disrespect and Self-Respect: I Do NOT Think These Words Mean What You Think They Mean.

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It seems quite clear these words don’t mean what many of those using them think it means. How can law enforcement have a “deep admiration” for a community which accounts for so much of the crime that they have to “police?” As for the “disrespect” of Michael Brown’s body, it is common practice and procedure not to move the body until certain tasks like evidence collections, photographs and such are completed. When these tasks are interfered with or complicated by emotional or angry onlookers it slows down the process. Investigations take time and when it is an officer involved shooting in a racially charged neighborhood, the investigation is even more thorough in order to try and avoid exactly what happened in Ferguson. Again this goes back to respect and disrespect or the perception thereof. When a community feels disrespected by the police and in turn disrespects the police, you have a vicious cycle of ever increasing animosity. The question is, how do you stop and correct it?

I came across this video from Fredrick Wilson II directed to the black community, that is equally relevant to ALL Americans of any race, religion, gender or national origin that feels “disrespected” by those in authority. Before you go blaming your problems on others, take a good long look in the mirror and see if your “abilities, qualities, or achievements” are worthy of “a feeling of deep admiration” i.e. RESPECT from others.

The events in Ferguson Missouri have been the catalyst for this debate, but this debate goes far deeper than just the black/white issue. Self-Respect, Respect and Disrespect play a role in just about every major issue that we grapple with as a nation. We should all be asking ourselves a few questions before we start pointing fingers at others. Questions like, “Are my actions/opinions based on selfishness or selflessness?” “Does my claim to certain rights infringe upon the rights of others?” “Do my actions/opinions inspire respect or demand it?” In short, “are my personal abilities, qualities or achievements promoting feelings of deep admiration?” Do I admire myself? Am I taking “personal responsiDAMNbility” for my part in the debate and in society as a whole? There is an old saying, When You Point The Finger At Others, You have Three More Fingers Pointing Back At Yourself. If you haven’t honestly looked into the mirror and assessed your own personal responsibility for any given situation AT LEAST three times, then you should never point the finger at anyone else.


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