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REVIEW: Liquid Eyewear – Precision Made in the USA.

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After months of continued use (inside and out, night and day), I have found the perfect all-around glasses. The auto-tinting lenses (darkening to 17% in direct sunlight, to 84% clear at night) make for exceptional viewing in just about any conditions, the “protective” ballistic lenses keep my eyes safe while doing the crazy things I do and can even be ordered with doctor prescribed lenses.

These glasses are not your average “run of the mill” five buck a pair “sunglasses”, they are professional eyewear for people who demand as much from their gear as they do from themselves. They are not inexpensive, but definitely worth every dime spent. Throw in a one (1) year warranty against manufacturer defects, superior customer service and you have yourself one heck of a deal. My new “Gadsden” glasses from Liquid Eyewear far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them to anyone who expects quality, durability and functionality from their eyewear, but if all you want is a “bad ass” looking pair of sunglasses”¦ they are all that and a bag of chips. Liquid Eyewear definitely earns the “Cold Dead Hands” seal of approval.

DoubleTap’s Zombie Slayer Shades:
DoubleTap's Zombie Slayer ShadesFirst things first, we’re talking about sunglasses right? Not exactly. These are like no other sunglasses I have ever come across in my life. Crafted from quality aircraft aluminum, they are very durable. The anodized color coating is a fine finish and also very durable. I have worn them everywhere; from daily wear as sunglasses, to work in very hostile environments of dust and dirt, to mud, to confined spaces where they were constantly being hit, bumped and scraped. I even dropped them from a height of about 15 feet and when I picked them up you’d have thought I just pulled them out of the package.

The lenses are a story all their own. The clarity was outstanding. My lenses were the Hi-Def Polarized lenses and the color quality, glare reduction and increased visibility was phenomenal. Indoors or outside, I rarely take them off except at night or in extremely low-light situations. The Hi-Def lenses actually brightened the world in front of me while reducing the harshness and eliminating the need to squint. I have a slight astigmatism, just barely bad enough to need glasses, but I don’t wear them. The improved visibility with these Hi-Def Polarized lenses seemed almost prescription-like in how they improved my vision.

Overall, my newly dubbed Zombie Slayer Shades are light weight, comfortable and easy to adjust. They came with different sized nose pieces for the bridge which came in quite handy. By changing out the nose piece I was able to further customize the fit. I put in the larger nose piece, so that the glasses sit a little farther off my face. It gave them a more comfortable fit and allowed for better air circulation so that the lenses didn’t fog up on me.

In summary, these are very well crafted glasses and lenses. They have a wide variety of colors and lenses you can mix and match to fit your personal style and activity level. They’re comfortable, easily adjustable and very durable. They definitely get my DoubleTap – Double Thumbs Up Seal of Approval!

We were so impressed with these glasses that we now sell them in our CDH Store and they are sponsors of our youth shooting team, Team CDH, Need I say more?


Jon Britton aka DoubleTap is Chief Operating Officer of CDH, Inc., a regular contributing author and regularly involved in most aspects of their social media. “Writing was never a goal or even vaguely contemplated as a career choice, it just happened, an accidental discovery of a talent and a passion.” A passion that has taken him in many directions from explorations of the zombie subculture and zombie stories to political advocacy. Joining the U.S. Air Force right out of high school, Jon had the opportunity to experience many different parts of the world and different cultures. His post military career path, both white collar and blue collar, allowed him to work alongside both CEOs and average Joes. As a founding member Cold Dead Hands his study of human nature and writing ability found a purpose. His zombie roots provided a variety of issues from prepping to human behavior under crisis to firearms that he applies to his advocacy for gun rights. A ravenous appetite for the study of history combined with his current events political junkie addiction led to him writing an e-book Gun Sense: Past, Present and Future.

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