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RFID… The Road To Digital Slavery

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Run to the principal’s office when that bully picks on you. These are issues that we must take care of ourselves, as bullies live by this creed… MIGHT IS RIGHT! Yes, these examples are two distinctly different scenarios but with one common thread… a bully was involved.  How does this tie in with the destruction of our Founding Fathers’ dream? England was a bully, We the People stood up to them and eventually had to kick their ass!


Now, simple concepts of liberty and freedom are being thrust into the mainstream media spotlight, distorted and perverted by “talking points” made by lecherous politicians whose only desire is to boost their already over-inflated, narcissistic egos.  These propagandized messages regarding such things as gun rights, healthcare reform and our economy are truly just snippets of reality, pushed with reckless abandon through social media, in hopes the average citizen doesn’t have time or the inclination to research deep enough to see the truth. Both sides of the political spectrum are using these tactics (so to all the leftist trolls who might read this article, I said it first), the difference is in the messaging; one side wants to see the Constitution destroyed and the other side is fighting to keep this country’s foundation from collapsing. Let’s take for instance, the RFID chip. This awesome technological advancement was intended to be used to track lost or stolen animals and to store data. Yep, it is used to track animals. We are animals. So the question is:  What does our government intend to do with this technology?  


When I wrote the book, A Frail New World: Digital Conspiracy four years ago, I realized the technology for implantation either existed, was on the verge of being perfected or it wouldn’t be long before they integrated the technology to interact with the human body. We have all heard the RFID rumors in regards to the ACA (affectionately referred to as Obamacare) as they continue to tell us that “Everyone will be implanted within the next so many years”. The claims are made across scores of internet based news sources, many of them so-called “conspiracy” sites (not that I don’t believe a vast majority of their theories,simply because I don’t trust my government anymore), but the question is: are these reports true? Well, this takes research on our part, and that is what I did when I wrote Digital Conspiracy. The research indicates that the technology exists. With that being fact, do we trust this internet-based information? When I research, I try to use reputable sources, of course this means I use sources from both sides of the political spectrum as well.  I did find it quite interesting that good ol’ Huff Po has had a few things to say about RFID implanting, and even though they might not be the most trusted news source (truthfully, we’re not even sure which ones we should trust anymore), to see these “spin doctors” talking about it gives me pause. 

Have you Been Chipped


Now, it wasn’t that long ago the CIA and OSI were actively using initiatives such as MKUltra and Hydra, in an attempt to conquer the human mind in regards to brainwashing (Manchurian Candidate type stuff). Yes, they admitted (although years later) to using innocent people to further their learning curve as they drugged, probed and shocked them into complacency in an attempt to gain ascension over their minds. This was not an isolated incident, approved by just one administration, but took place over thirty-plus years and several Presidencies. Then suddenly they just stopped, satisfied with their limited results and knowledge or were ordered to stop by the Nixon administration.  The underlying question here is: Do you believe they stopped or did they just bury the whole thing deeper? How intricately was this web of deceit weaved and how far were they willing to go to create Shelley’s monster? Now with this rapidly advancing technology, what is our government’s true capabilities?   


The answers to these questions may never be found with enough clarity for the “End of the World” crowd to truly point a finger and say, “I told y’all so!”; but we are certain of one thing: the technology indeed exists. Choose for yourself. Do some research, and listen to the talking points in regards to implantation while thinking about the underlying implications; “We will be able to track a missing child, locating them in minutes and within five feet of their location. We will be able to track known criminals, such as child molesters, and ensure that their evil is not unleashed on innocent children. All of your information can be stored and accessed by the proper authorities to help provide better care for our people. You will be able to handle all of your financial needs without worry of identity or monetary theft.” These are the talking points our politicians and by association our “LameStream Media” will be using to enthrall and amaze our Nation but the technology they will be selling can also be used to enslave as well. It doesn’t take a “rocket surgeon” to see this technology is pretty amazing and can be used for many good things. However, it is also not unlike nuclear energy. Its destructive forces can outweigh the benefits if we are not careful about which “chicken is driving the truck”. I’m not telling you that the government has some clandestine agenda to control its citizens (although if you read my book, you might think I do), but what I am saying is that the technology exists. Couple that technology with the KNOWN initiatives of the past and the math can add up to some serious calculations.


Patrick James

**A frail New World: Digital Conspiracy is a fictional novel that spins a tail of intrigue so completely woven into reality that it’s hard to tell where the fiction ends and the truth begins.

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