Horror in El Paso; Bad guy and a gun

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Another beautiful Texas Sunday… the black coffee still flows even though our hearts are with those who suffered at the hands of an evil person on Saturday in El Paso, Texas…   I offer up my perspective this morning with a heavy heart, but my resolve has not changed. Only good people willing to step into the breach and defend innocence, can make a difference.

We appreciate all our 1st Responders who respond in our time of need, but those of us who have “been there, done that” understand that 1st Responders are reactive. They respond to the call…  Until they have arrived and secured the scene, We the People are responsible. We can choose to be responsible and proactive for ourselves and other innocent people around us, or we can wait for their arrival. We need to train more, shoot more and learn more about the tools that can protect and defend innocence.

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The 2nd Amendment protects that choice. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. 

My perspective today may not make everyone happy… it comes on the tail end of misery for many who were affected by the shooting yesterday. I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry for the needless bloodshed. I am sorry for the loss of innocence. 

It is horrible that evil still walks the face of this earth. It is horrible that we cannot banish it from existence, but the fact is… we cannot. What we can do is hope we are present and able to stop evil, before it can commit its heinous crime. 

I stand by the fact that We the People need to become more responsible for what happens around us. We need to be more protective of those who are weaker… We need to be proactive and reactive.  It is perfectly okay to dial 911 and ask for assistance… but it’s not okay to sit and wait for their arrival. Have a plan for every situation… execute said plan. If it doesn’t go as you planned; Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

Again… I am sorry for the loss of life and for those who have been affected by the evil in El Paso, Texas yesterday. Nobody should have to grieve… but unfortunately life has a strange way of forcing itself upon us. 

Remember, I’m just a broken guy with a perfect Christ… He helps me to self-reflect upon my past and make better choices for my future. He encourages me to be a troubleshooter… to see the difference between “right and wrong” and choose a better path. He can help you too, but only if you are willing. Free will is His gift… 

Thanks for following along with my perspective… have a great rest of your weekend. 

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Patrick James   

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