Snowpocalypse? Or Just Life?

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 People died every year during storms; lost in blizzards in their own back yards or from heart attacks shoveling snow. I don’t know; I guess people just thought about life and death differently because they were so much more self-sufficient. People didn’t have the attitude that they deserved to live forever and that it was somehow someone else’s fault if they didn’t.

LOL people were a lot smarter, too. If a big Norther was due to blow in, they didn’t get in their car and drive down the freeway to go stand in line somewhere for Black Friday. Truckers knew the weather and knew where to hole up til the roads were clear. If it looked like it was going to snow, people took their snowmobiles to work, or their 4×4 with the chains on and a plough on the front. If they did take their car, they had supplies; a snow mobile suit or arctic wear, maybe even skis or snow shoes in the trunk in case they had to get home on foot.

People were just so much more self-reliant, and proud to be that way. Nobody wanted to be interviewed on the news, or have news anchors calling them checking on them if they were stupid enough to be trapped in their truck on a freeway for 36 hours. They were embarrassed about getting caught with their pants down. They didn’t feel sorry for themselves, didn’t bitch about why the government hadn’t rescued them quickly enough, and didn’t revel in their 15 minutes of shame on slow news days.

They were men, and they took their licking and made damn sure it never happened again. You just didn’t find people who were stuck unprepared year after year, winter after winter running out of food, water, heat or transportation like you do today, waiting for somebody else to rescue them.