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“Black Lives Matter” or “How To Further Divide Us”?

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racial equalityIs our country continuing to do the “DC back-step” in regards to racial division?  It seems like some are further perpetuating the tensions we felt when our country finally stepped out of the dark ages and began the road to healing. For those of you who believe this new media-hyped nonsense, remember back just a few short years ago and admit that electing a black President actually happened.  Would that have been possible 100 years ago?  How about 50 years ago? Do you think a man of color (any color other than white) would’ve beat Kennedy in an election?  

We all know the answer to that question, but we as a Nation felt it was time in 2008. Many of us were ready to put our past behind us and move forward.  Of course many now regret that decision and feel betrayed as the man trusted to further unite our communities has done nothing but further divide them through, once again… RACE.

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The Fear Culture

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In my capacity as a people watcher, political junkie and gun rights advocate I read and research A LOT. Lately many seemingly unrelated things have been coalescing and coming together like pieces of a puzzle and an unexpected picture has become clear. “The only thing we have to fear, is FEAR itself.” – FDR

Fear-mongering has been used to control the masses for centuries. It is effective and still in widespread use today. Two glaring examples come to mind, one is a fairly new incarnation and one is centuries old. Of course I am referring to liberalism (leftist) and Islam (the political ideology).