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The Weight Of The World Is On The Shoulders Of The Voter

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Vote or Not - You are still responsibleWe are on the eve of another election in America, albeit an election that has barely risen to the level of lukewarm interest in the voting public. That being said, EVERY election is the most important election in the world. Yes I know that every election is hyped up as a “watershed moment” in history, global consequences, yada-yada-yada… to the point of becoming cliched. However, just because it has become a cliché does NOT mean it isn’t true. We live in a representative democracy, a Constitutional Republic, but what exactly does that mean? In a nutshell it means that everything the government does, they do IN OUR NAME! Whether you voted or not, whether you voted for the winning candidates or not, the actions of the government are done on YOUR behalf. I recently came across a video that drove this point home called “VOTING IS AN ACT OF VIOLENCE”.