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The Fear Culture

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In my capacity as a people watcher, political junkie and gun rights advocate I read and research A LOT. Lately many seemingly unrelated things have been coalescing and coming together like pieces of a puzzle and an unexpected picture has become clear. “The only thing we have to fear, is FEAR itself.” – FDR

Fear-mongering has been used to control the masses for centuries. It is effective and still in widespread use today. Two glaring examples come to mind, one is a fairly new incarnation and one is centuries old. Of course I am referring to liberalism (leftist) and Islam (the political ideology).

Gun Control = Child Abuse

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During a conversation last week the subject of kids and guns came up, surprising I know. This is not a new topic for me by any means, but I did hit upon a new perspective on the subject. Gun Control, Gun Restriction, Gun Regulation and Gun Free Zones are all forms of child abuse. Every regulations, restriction and gun control law that gets put on the books adds another phantom brick to a growing FALSE sense of security. Every gun control measure passed makes it easier for lackadaisical parents to justify NOT teaching their kids firearm safety. Governmental obsession with gun control has already removed firearms safety education from public schools for the most part. So, how is all of this child abuse?