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“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Is A Lie?

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1408940746634 Image galleryImage ST LOUIS MO AUGUST 24 MicSo the DOJ finished up their investigation into the Darren Wilson vs Michael Brown shooting, deciding Wilson was justified in his actions, yet all they did was quietly release the report?  Yeah, good job Holder.  You and your “cronies” down at the Department of (in)Justice take months to do your job while our “Fearsome Leader” and half a dozen media starved “attention whores” like Jackson and Sharpton verbally crucify Wilson, rally an entire demographic around the battle cry of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and all you can do is “quietly” release your findings?

While you were taking your time looking at every possible angle in hopes of vindicating a criminal intent on causing bodily harm, you completely vilified a “good” man and destroyed a community as well.  As this phrase proliferated across our country, our media sensationalized it and your “publicity prostitutes” sold their souls again for “fifteen minutes”.