We’re Right, They’re Wrong… PERIOD!

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When some arrogant progressive like Bob Beckel says something asinine like “Explain to me why the republicans are sticking up for millionaires?” WHY, WHY, WHY doesn’t someone, anyone, have balls enough to say; “BECAUSE WE DON’T PUNISH SUCCESS, F’TARD!”  Instead, they usually say something equally ignorant and whiny like “Oh Bob, We don’t!” Or they start babbling off some ridiculous string of complicated statistics.  This isn’t rocket science, people.  We’re right, they’re wrong… PERIOD.

 We believe in freedom and personal achievement; they want choice limited to what is fair so nobody is allowed to fail and learn from their mistakes.  We promote personal initiative; they get a bully mob to try and force slackers to the top.  We live by the sovereignty of the states governed by The Constitution, they want to do away with that and be governed by a foreign global power.  We have stuck by our principles. We haven’t changed since the day the Declaration of Independence was signed.  We are REPUBLICans, for the Republic; where the individual’s rights are protected from the whims of the mob.  They are for democracy, obsessed with the majority rule, where the whims of the bully mob trample the rights of the individual.

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The Fear Culture

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In my capacity as a people watcher, political junkie and gun rights advocate I read and research A LOT. Lately many seemingly unrelated things have been coalescing and coming together like pieces of a puzzle and an unexpected picture has become clear. “The only thing we have to fear, is FEAR itself.” – FDR

Fear-mongering has been used to control the masses for centuries. It is effective and still in widespread use today. Two glaring examples come to mind, one is a fairly new incarnation and one is centuries old. Of course I am referring to liberalism (leftist) and Islam (the political ideology).