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Did We Expect Anything Less

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Did We Expect Anything Less?It seems Obama‘s recent “stay the course” speech to the Ferguson rioters has provided an immense amount of media fodder for both sides of the political spectrum. Liberals calling him a genius who understands the problems of the oppressed while conservatives call him a “race baiter”. This would make me ROFL, if I didn’t have a dog that sheds like an old man, I would already be on the floor.


First I would like to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to all those in and around the Ferguson area, who may be affected by this insanity. Stay frosty and make good choices.

Defining a Nation

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         In a recent press release about Syria, President Barack Obama stated that he is “mindful” of the fact that he is the “president of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy”. To accept that statement as fact would be a great travesty – we do not live in a democracy and it is with great nerve that he claimed we are. The United States is a constitutional republic. There are a few distinct differences between the two terms and they are not to be taken lightly. Our founding fathers very well knew the differences and acted with due diligence to ensure that the country they founded was a republic.