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The Building of a Nation: 2nd Amendment History 101

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second amendment gun right to bear armsWhat has the average American forgotten in regards to basic American history? Where should we start looking if we want to know true Founders intent when writing the documents that defined our Nation?  Why were they so adamant on maintaining the “right to keep and bear arms” for We the People? These questions abound within the minds of 21st century Americans, and the answers seem pretty “black and white” to me. Especially when looking at them in context to the events that transpired prior, during and directly after we secured our independence and formed “a more perfect union” (a phrase inserted within our Constitution and hijacked by so many throughout the years, including Obama and Jesse Jackson).

The intent of this article(s) is to lay down some of the basic history that is responsible for shaping the minds of those men, the events that led up to the declaration of our soon to be won “independence” from King George’s tyrannical rule while giving the most reasonable interpretation of their words. Using factual quotes and documentation I’ll try to explain the reasons behind the words as it relates specifically to the 2nd Amendment in the most basic language possible.

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A Memorial Day Address To Our Patriots

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Tyrants attack - Patriots defendNot all who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom have been in uniform, so to those in uniform and out, I would like to share this open letter to the American Patriot on this Memorial Day. – Jon Britton

Dear Patriot,

Your service to this nation is appreciated beyond the power of words to convey. From the III% and Minutemen of this nations birth to the military, militia and citizen patriots of today, the job of the patriot is often thankless and often demeaned. The Patriot is the Guardian of the Republic, whether in uniform or not, they toe the line between freedom and tyranny.