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The Leading Cause of Death is life – ban life

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When did the human race, at least in America and the “civilized” world, become so scared of their own shadow? When did they accept the notion that we can legislate away death? We live in a world where every product you buy has warning labels plastered all over it because stupid people have done stupid things with them and then sued the company that made it. We live in a world of helmets and kneepads, seatbelts and airbags, kids growing up under the constant watchful eye of their parents who can no longer trick or treat, no longer play outside unsupervised and the list goes on and on and on. Gone are the days of kids just out roaming the neighborhood or the woods, as I did as a kid. Gone are the days of drinking from the water hose, sword fights with sticks, building forts in the woods or ANY sort of freedom as a child.

The media coverage, 24/7/365, of all the dangers and evil in the world has turned us into overprotective scared sheep looking for the better fencing, better sheepdogs and better ranchers to keep us all safe from the wolves. Dependence is bred from fear. Fear-mongering gets great ratings in the mass media, so fear and government protection has been the undertone of the 24/7 broadcasts in the “civilized” world for decades now. Our kids grow up with constant supervision from scared parents and then move out into a society of constant supervision by our government. George Orwell wrote of just such a society many years ago and many would say that the only thing he got wrong was the YEAR, 1984.