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Terrorism From Within… America Under Fire?

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We all know the gun grabbers are working relentlessly to restrict law abiding citizens rights to keep and bear arms. The BATFE is working to ban ammunition for one of the most prolific platforms, our Commander in Chief is busy playing golf and talking about “Hands up, Don’t shoot” and our Attorney General is worried about being a failure. Well gun grabbers like Shannon Watts are just highly paid political pawns (she’ll realize one day that she sold her soul to the devil), the BATFE is stretching their authority over M855, the President is a sham artist who hates our Constitutional Republic and Holder is an utterly incompetent failure. Now that I’ve “let the cat out of the bag” regarding my feelings toward gun control advocates, what else is there to say?  How about we stop trying to study these punks and talk about the root of the problem.


I remember not too long ago when the phrase; “Kids will be kids” meant that someones house got TP’d or a party got a bit too wild. Now, it reflects deadly carnage. We have thugs running wild in our streets bullying, robbing, raping and murdering guilty and innocent alike. Whiny little punks who want to kill themselves, but want to go out in a “blaze of glory” by killing half a dozen innocent people first. The problem is definitely the kids, but the root problem is the parents. This generation has given birth to one of the most irresponsible, entitlement minded generations ever. I know, the next few statements from most will be; “Not all of our kids are bad.” and “What can we do about it now?” The answers are; You’re right, not all of them are bad. Thank the good Lord and parents willing to discipline their children, but as for what we can do about the others is a very unfortunate, nothing.  We’ve done our damage.  For those kids who’ve slipped over the edge of reality, we can only start the “damage control”.  We can make examples of them and punish them for their crimes, start advocating for the change that is truly needed, and start preaching the valuable lessons this generation hasn’t received. It’s never too late to make amends for shortcomings, for those who are willing to listen.  We need to bolster and support those who are trying to make a difference. Rewarding those who are responsible, self-regulating and self-sustaining while punishing those who are not.

We do have to remember that although there are very subtle differences between Cornell and the others mentioned, there is one big, glaring difference as well. The others were not self-proclaimed ISIS members. This new wave of defacto expatriotism is more deadly than all of the others combined. Simply because there are real terrorists waiting in the wings for these little punks to start the fight. Ignorant, young, entitlement minded and undisciplined pawns in a war that is intended to bring our great Nation to its knees. What causes these kids to join ISIS? I’d bet a sawbuck that they didn’t get what they thought they were entitled to, so they join up with a band of cowardly thugs and take what they want like a common criminal.

I love (insert sarcastic eye roll) the phrase; the Muslim faith is one of peace. Now I try not to bring religion into my politics very often, simply because my personal faith in God the Father is for me. If people want to know more about it, they can ask, but when people make statements regarding a religion that runs its government based on their religious tenets, I start to take issue.

Please take a few minutes to watch this Andrew Klaven video from TruthRevolt Klaven’s witty commentary is funny, yet extremely truthful as well.


Our Founders gave us “freedom of religion” not to preclude God from our country, but so we wouldn’t be forced to insert Him there by our government. The religion of Islam has no place in our Constitutional Republic. If for no other reason than; Sharia Law (is the body of Islamic law. The term means “way” or “path”; it is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam.) There are other reasons the Muslim faith is not compatable with our form of civilized society and can be found throughout the Koran’s doctrine.  There are many verses that speak about committing violent acts upon non-believers, ambigious and open-ended passages that allow for many differing interpretations.  I can say that many of the Muslim faith are peace seeking, nonviolent individuals who only seek acceptance.  What I have trouble with is their percieved inaction when “calling out” those within their own faith who are religious zealots. This inaction causes them to appear as if they condone the behavior. For instance, when Westboro Baptist Church started protesting our veterans funerals, the Christian community rallied together, verbally and physically chastising their actions.

nn 1 isis iraq 140829I am more than willing to allow those of the Muslim faith to integrate within our society. Our Founders created a Nation that allows for the differing of religious views, but… under no circumstances can we allow Sharia Law to be practiced in our lands, private or public. Furthermore, if you are living within our structured society enjoying the benefits of our infra-structure, then you have an obligation to appear and act differently than your extremist counterparts.

I say this simply because, if the day ever comes that ISIS or other Islamic extremists succeed in the further terrorization of the American people on our soil, you better have made yourself stand apart from the rest of those “wannabe” thugs or you will be viewed as “just another terrorist”.  And just a little “word to the wise”, if you are one of those “defacto expat” terrorists who grew up in this country, enjoying the benefits of being an American citizen while throwing all rationality to the wind on some kind of blissfully ignorant whim; God help you, because you will be made an example.

I understand that many will consider this “hate speech”, but I assure you I am more than tolerant enough to those who do not believe in the same ideologies, but if you are hellbent on infringing upon my right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”; I will “throat punch” you so hard you’ll think you were hit by a freight train.  

I would like to close this “sermon” with just one last reminder.  If you are a practicing Muslim within the confines of our structured society and wish to continue living within that structured society, please make yourself “stand apart” from the extremists that are terrorizing this world.  We the People of this great Nation are a proud bunch and we are offically declaring redneck “Jihad” on all terrorists… and we don’t want you in the crosshairs.

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