Texas Legislature Passes Open Carry

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 Cold Dead Hands’ Patrick James and Jon ‘DoubleTap’ Britton testified on this very bill just last month: 

Although this victory is sour in some regards, remember that there is little sweeter than the taste of liberal tears. Are the liberals crying, you might ask? Heck yeah they are. You must look no further than a recent editorial from the leftist Dallas Morning News – their whining has already started. However, the left never loses, so they have created a very sad ‘poll‘ (edit: The poll didn’t go their way so they removed it) in hopes of garnering a majority against the Legistlature’s passing of Open Carry. For them, the mere thought of Texas STARTING to join the rest of America – leaving California and New York behind – is frightening. As of right now, 52% of those who have answered do not support Licensed Open Carry. 

We cannot stop now – before long Texas will have Constitutional Carry (an aneurysm inducing thought for the left, no doubt). We must continue our push to bring Texas to the forefront of Pro-Gun America. We cannot rest until Constitutional Carry is passed, be it tomorrow, or next year, or the year after that. We will not go away – we will not back down. Finally, to the progressives on the left, let us remind you if you want our freedom, COME AND TAKE IT. 

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